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With the upcoming Unpacked event on February 9, Samsung will be releasing a software update for the Galaxy Watch 4 that integrates data collected by your watch.
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Samsung is all set to announce new products this week and in advance of Unpacked, the company announced a significant software update for the Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch 4 Classic. The Galaxy Watch 4 is a compelling smartwatch with its Google partnership and captures a significant amount of data.
The new software update provides users with insights into the body composition function and enhancements to sleep coaching. The Galaxy Watch 4 already serves as a solid GPS sports watch with VO2 Max, advanced running metrics, and more. This new software update brings interval training for runners and cyclists in custom training sessions so you can improve your running and biking performance.
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Body composition measurements are a unique watch experience on the Galaxy Watch 4 and with this update, Samsung is providing insights powered by Centr in the Samsung Health app. Galaxy Watch 4 users will be eligible for a free 30-day trial of Centr, a personalized health and fitness program that includes meal plans.
Sleep is an essential aspect of your wellness and the Galaxy Watch 4 has advanced sleep tracking functions. While the sleep data is fascinating, it isn’t obvious how you can change your sleep habits or results. With this new software update, after a seven-day period with sleep survey completion, you will be assigned one of eight sleep characters that represent your sleep type. The watch will then guide you through a four to five week coaching program that includes various tasks designed to improve your sleep quality. Samsung states that these tasks include missions, checklists, sleep-related articles, meditation sessions, and reports.
New watch straps and additional watch face options will also be available after 9 February. While Google Messages, Google Pay, Google Maps, and YouTube Music are all currently supported on the Galaxy Watch 4, you will soon be able to stream music over WiFi or LTE from the YouTube Music app. Samsung also confirmed that Google Assistant is indeed coming to the Galaxy Watch 4 in the coming months.
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