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Sahmyook University officially launched the International Society for Academic Advancement (ISAA) to revitalize academic exchanges and cooperative networks among 120 Adventist universities worldwide.
ISSA began to be planned in October 2021, when Sahmyook University held the ICSU (International Virtual Conference of Sahmyook University) 2021, commemorating the university’s 115th anniversary. Based on the participation of more than 120 Adventist universities worldwide, the conference, composed of 5 divisions and 12 sessions, was successfully concluded with 1,032 professors, researchers, and students from 54 countries registering.
Sahmyook University promoted the establishment of an international society to build an active global network. The academic organization and articles of the association were prepared, and the website was established. Sister universities worldwide sent their support and intention to participate, leading to the official establishment of the society.
Kim IlMok was elected as the first ISAA president, and Ko WonBae, dean of Sahmyook University College of Science and Technology, and Kim SeongWoon, dean of the Sahmyook University College of Culture and Arts, were elected as auditors. ISAA will be officially registered as an international conference with the National Research Foundation of Korea.
ISAA will hold academic sessions in six areas: 1) Religion and Theology, 2) Humanities and Social Sciences, 3) Health and Medical Care, 4) Science and Technology, 5) Culture and Arts, and 6) Faith and Studies. Through this, the university plans to expand and share its mission and experience as a higher education institution.
The original article was written by the North Asia-Pacific Division.
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