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In the latest prominent attack on Russian forces, two people opened fire at a Russian military training ground in Belgorod, killing 11 people and injuring 15 on Saturday morning, Russian news agencies reported, citing the country’s defense ministry. The two assailants were shot and killed shortly afterward, according to Baza, a Russian Telegram channel.
Meanwhile, billionaire Elon Musk apparently reversed course and said in a tweet that his SpaceX company would continue to fund satellite internet connections in Ukraine.
Here is the latest on the war and its impact across the globe.
Russia hopes missile strikes and new fighters will blunt Ukrainian advances, but Ukraine has clear battlefield advantages: Russia’s efforts to counter Ukrainian advances by pounding Kyiv and other cities with missiles and mobilizing hundreds of thousands of reservists represent a significant escalation in the seven-month old war, but are unlikely to shift the dynamics of a conflict now clearly tilting in favor of Ukraine, Western intelligence assessments and military experts say.
The missile strikes alone have little strategic value, although they are inflicting widespread human misery and have disrupted lives in cities that have been relatively untouched by the fighting, the assessments say.
Since the onslaught began Monday, more than three dozen people have been killed and scores more wounded. Ukraine’s electricity infrastructure appears to be the main target, Liz Sly reports, meaning that some residential areas have been plunged into darkness, leaving civilians confronting the possibility of facing winter without power.
But conditions on the battlefield continue to favor the nimbler, more highly motivated and better armed Ukrainian military, which seems likely to retain the advantage over Russia’s lumbering, poorly equipped and exhausted army, at least for the foreseeable future.


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