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Holmusk signs tech use with US-based mental healthcare provider 
US-based Metrocare Services has signed an agreement with Holmusk, a behavioural health tech provider from Singapore, to use its real-world data platform in enhancing mental health care.
Metrocare is a leading provider of mental health and developmental disability services in Texas. 
The deal is for the use of NeuroBlu, a data platform featuring a clinical data set of over 20 years derived from more than half a million patients worldwide. It synthesises these data using proprietary analytics, natural language processing, and predictive disease models designed for behavioural health. 
Offering data, analytics and digital solutions, Holmusk’s platform helps improve patient engagement, supports disease self-management, and captures patient-reported outcomes. 
The use agreement will provide Metrocare access to data analytics to improve its care delivery while also enhancing NeuroBlu through the application of real-world evidence to drive insights for behavioural health care. 
“As the largest provider of behavioural health care in North Texas, predictive analytics allows us to be even more proactive in responding to our community’s needs and prioritising patient care,” said Metrocare CEO Dr John W. Burruss. 
“It will be a privilege to collaborate with Metrocare to increase our understanding of mental health conditions and—most importantly—to improve the care that is delivered to patients in Dallas and around the world,” Holmusk Chief Medical Officer Scott Kollins also commented.
Indian health tech startup unveils hospital information management system
MyHealthcare, a health tech startup from India, has launched its task-based healthcare information management system for hospitals and healthcare providers.
MyHealthcare Enterprise Application (MHEA) uses process automation and AI to deliver relevant information and assist staff in completing tasks from a single screen. Its ecosystem supports improvements in procurement through smart stocking and enhances the patient experience through discharge process automation. Built on an open-source stack, the platform is also cost-effective, the company claims.
MyHealthcare has designed its latest application to drive operational and process efficiencies across a provider’s network. CIO Aneesh Nair said they are offering their system to secondary, tertiary and emergency care services.
Aside from helping providers complete their digitisation journey, MHEA is touted to reduce staff training time by around 80%, according to Divya Laroyia, the company’s chief product officer.
MHEA also comes integrated across a network of third-party administrators and health insurance companies.
Genesis MedTech buys valve replacement device maker
Singaporean medical device company Genesis MedTech has acquired JC Medical, a Chinese maker of transcatheter valve replacement devices for minimally invasive treatment of structural heart diseases.
JC Medical’s J-Valve is a minimally invasive transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR) device. It consists of a transapical TAVR which is already used in China and a transfemoral TAVR that has obtained premarket approval from the US Food and Drug Administration. 
According to the company, the device is one of the only two products worldwide that has been approved for aortic regurgitation and stenosis patients. J-Valve can cater to different types of patients, including those with low coronary ostium height and small sinuses. Its design is also touted to reduce stent migration, ensuring safety and clinical efficacy.
Genesis MedTech is venturing into the structural heart franchise by adding JCM’s TAVR to its portfolio. “By doing this we hope to better support cardiac surgeons and cardiologists in their fight against structural heart diseases,” said chairman and CEO Warren Wang. 
Although structural heart diseases affect more than 2% of people worldwide today, its prevalence is on the rise given an ageing global population, the company noted. In China, 25 million people live with the condition while over 5 million people are diagnosed yearly in the US. As TAVR implementations have surpassed surgical aortic valve replacement in the US, this trend might follow in China by 2025, Genesis MedTech claims. 
Meanwhile, Zhang Ji, founder and president of JCM, will continue serving his post, in addition to his appointment as CTO for Genesis MedTech’s latest franchise.
Excelra, X-Chem collaborate to accelerate drug discovery
India-based life sciences analytics firm Excelra and X-Chem, an AI drug discovery platform from the US, have partnered to combine their technologies in expediting drug discovery.
Excelra’s GOSTAR is an application that gives a full view of more than 8 million small molecules, capturing the latest information on chemical structures and their biological properties. Its proprietary data are meticulously curated with its own QMS-ISO certified process. 
The RosalindAI platform of X-Chem is used to build AI models for chemical design and optimisation. When the platform was trained using GOSTAR data, it yielded AI models that are ” twice as better” than the models trained on other data sets.
“This synergistic new partnership between Excelra’s GOSTAR and X-Chem’s RosalindAI will enable unique and powerful tools to predict small molecules, chemical, biological, and physical properties, accelerating time and resource-intensive stages of drug discovery from hit identification to preclinical candidate selection,” the companies said in a press statement.
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