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An Educational, Experiential and Philanthropic Campaign with Roots Food Foundation, The Chris Paul Family Foundation, The DeAndre Jordan Treehouse Giving Foundation, and The Kevin Love Fund
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Dec 15, 2021, 07:24 ET
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DALLAS, Dec. 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Roots Food Group, in conjunction with its private non-profit Roots Food Foundation, is launching "SEEDS + SOIL = ROOTS," an educational and experiential campaign that encourages people to "Grow Their Way to Health and Wellness." The initiative is launching in partnership with The Chris Paul Family Foundation, The DeAndre Jordan Treehouse Giving Foundation, and The Kevin Love Fund, and is powered by Gardenuity.
"Growing food through gardening and farming is a very rewarding experience, and something that should be taught to all."

The SEEDS + SOIL = ROOTS initiative is gifting gardens to designated individuals, families, communities, and organizations throughout the country as an interactive way to teach people about where their food comes from, and the need for healthy living. Recipients of the ready-to-grow gardening kits will have the opportunity to experience the physical, emotional, and mental health benefits gained from gardening, while developing a deeper understanding about making healthier life choices.
The SEEDS + SOIL = ROOTS will be blooming this Spring 2022 with the rollout of gardens to the following organizations:
Roots Food Group is a mission-driven company with the goal of making a significant impact on people’s health and wellness through the application of food as medicine. Roots Food Foundation partners with like-minded philanthropic organizations in a collective pursuit to help and teach the benefits of where food comes from. Athletes and NBA stars Chris Paul, DeAndre Jordan, and Kevin Love have partnered with Roots Food Foundation because of their shared vision of improving health and wellness through food.
"Growing food through gardening and farming is a very rewarding experience, and something that should be taught to all. Interacting with nature, especially with the presence of water, can increase self-esteem and mood, reduce anger, and improve general psychological well-being with positive effects on emotions or behavior," said Laura Kovacevich, Executive Director of Roots Food Foundation.
"Kate and I love cooking at home and we are excited to use our garden to complement our healthy lifestyle," stated Kevin Love.
"Starts with seeds, water and soil to grow and build roots at home and in our communities. It’s important to teach the value of food and where it comes from, valuing sustainability," said DeAndre Jordan. "We are personally responsible for affecting change for future generations."
"Healthy food is important to me but what’s even more rewarding is teaching my children about where their food comes from. I love showing them how to grow healthy, organic, earth-made food," said Chris Paul.
ROOTS FOOD GROUP is a mission-driven technology, healthcare, philanthropic and food company that believes in creating healthy outcomes through ‘Food is Medicine’.  The company manufactures and distributes high quality, earth made, medically tailored food products to healthcare companies and affiliated systems, communities, and direct to the consumer to address the epidemic of chronic disease and other medical conditions.
ROOTS FOOD FOUNDATION is the philanthropic arm of Roots Food Group that focuses on policy, education, and providing an integral piece of the company’s mission. For every 10 meals sold, the foundation donates meals and food to underserved communities and programs assisting those in need. It is our mission by providing fresh, nourishing, earth made meals, individuals will experience improved health and overall wellbeing.
THE KEVIN LOVE FUND (KLF) strives to inspire people to live their healthiest lives while providing the tools to achieve both mental and physical health. Through a unique combination of education, research, grantmaking, and advocacy, KLF is breaking the stigma around mental health and ensuring people who are suffering have the support needed to thrive.  Kevin Love Fund – Everyone is going through something that we can’t see
THE CHRIS PAUL FAMILY FOUNDATION is a leading philanthropic organization that strives to positively impact individuals and their families by leveling the playing field in the areas of education, sports, and life. The foundation uses its platform to provide resources that enrich and strengthen underserved communities across the country, as well as develop young leaders nationally and globally.  CHRIS PAUL FAMILY FOUNDATION
THE DEANDRE JORDAN TREEHOUSE GIVING FOUNDATION is committed to supporting, mentoring, and educating single parent families by providing enrichment opportunities and resources that enhance the whole family.
GARDENUITY: The empowerment of growing your own garden is life changing. We believe in the joy of being rooted; the magic that happens when hands are in dirt, grounding us. We believe the food you grow tastes better, fresher. Gardenuity makes gardening easy to love and accessible to everyone. Our complete gardening kits and matching technology has set the industry standard and inspired a whole new group of gardening enthusiasts. We invite everyone to experience this joy by sending complete herb or vegetable gardens directly to your door. Gardenuity – Container Gardens Delivered to Your Door
For additional information please visit: Seeds Soil Roots — Roots Food Foundation
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Nikki Pesusich
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