RepHresh™ Women's Health and Wellness Expert Dr. Jacqueline “Jackie” Walters Clears Up Misconceptions About Women's Sexual Health – Business Wire

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Stresses importance of vaginal education for Sexual Health Awareness Month
EWING, N.J.–()–Studies show that approximately 40% of women will experience some type of sexual problem in their lives. Despite growing awareness of the importance of understanding one’s sexual health, women are still embarrassed to bring up their concerns with their health care provider. In light of Sexual Health Awareness Month, Dr. Jacqueline Walters, known best as “Dr. Jackie,” celebrity OB-GYN, podcast host, author and women’s health advocate, is sharing her advice on women’s sexual health. The RepHresh™ women’s health and wellness expert answers questions women may be too embarrassed to ask their doctor and educates on misconceptions when it comes to vaginal health.

“Just like talking about sex, our society perpetuates a negative stigma around the vagina,” said Dr. Jackie. “Women are constantly being ‘vagishamed’ or told that her vagina is inherently unclean, unpleasant, unhealthy or just plain bad, which is completely false. Increasing the VQ – or vaginal IQ – and knowing the facts about women’s sexual health can allow women to handle vaginal health issues with confidence.”
The vagina is a naturally balanced ecosystem that can easily get thrown off. Ignoring symptoms and vaginal problems can affect self-esteem, lead to stress in a relationship and could even lead to further health concerns. It’s important for women to understand what’s normal and what’s not normal when it comes to sexual health and their vagina.
Through her passion and advocacy for all things women’s health, Dr. Jackie addresses common sexual health concerns among women to give them confidence and ensure they are well-equipped with the facts.
“The more you know about your vagina and sexual health as a whole, the easier it is to speak up and approach your sexual health with confidence and ease. Find a provider you feel comfortable with, one who gives you their full attention and makes you feel like you can say anything without feeling judged. Speak up now and your vagina will thank you later,” added Dr. Jackie.
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Riley DeWolf
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Dr. Jackie Walters, RepHresh™ Women’s Health and Wellness Expert, Clears Up Misconceptions About Women’s Sexual Health.
Riley DeWolf
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