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A Seattle-area school used a Martin Luther King Jr. Day assembly to amplify virulently anti-police and anti-American messages. Is this what the holiday is meant for?
North Thurston High School showed a video to all students during their advisory class last Friday morning, ahead of the holiday on Monday. Students were told that the country doesn’t want Black Americans, where Black boys and girls are offered a “one way trip to prison,” and that the “Mighty USA” uses cops to murder the innocent.
The principal did not screen the video prior to it being presented to students. It left some students alarmed by the video and their parents livid.
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The video started out simple enough, with a focus on who MLK was and an inspirational message about feeling like one doesn’t belong. But the last six minutes of the 23-minute presentation took a different tone when featuring student voices from the Black Student Union (BSU) at North Thurston High School (NTHS).
Students from the BSU first read aloud “Lift Every Voice and Sing,” which is often referred to as the Black national anthem. They were wearing Black Lives Matter shirts adorned with “NTHS BSU.”
But then a student shares a poem that viciously smears cops and this country.
“But I’m convinced nothing will change as long as there are people fighting for Confederate monuments,” the teen says. “As long as there are people out there continuing to capitalize on Black lives, as long as there are people who really believe that our votes aren’t denied. As long as the country treats us like it don’t want us, but stop us from leaving. Let me slow down. Let me start with our flag. Does anyone know what the colors mean?”

The teen explains what red, white, and blue stand for in the American flag.
He explains that the flag’s red represents, “the blood we shed building a country that sees us as less than human.” The teen also says it stands for “the blood for a system that puts us behind bars for profit.”
The white in the flag, the teen claims, represents the “purity of little Black boys and girls who are victim to a one-way ticket to prison, the purity of our minds and who we are as a people being broken down and walked on like a concrete sidewalk.”
And the blue in the flag represents justice. The teen isn’t fond of police.
He labels them the “heroes, defenders of what’s right and wrong during the day and night, but struggle to refrain from taking innocent life.” He argues that Black criminals are sentenced in bias trials for “committing the worst crime of Black Heritage.”
“They choke you up and beat you down, thinking if they can’t wipe the color from your skin, they’ll watch it go out in your eyes,” he rhymes. “And just like that, you’re another Black body disenfranchised by the system that claims to see everyone as equal in its eyes. That’s a lie. More lies more poisonous than the tear gas that they attack us with. Tired of seeing police chiefs come to stand and read apologies like an actor reads this line off a page.”
The entire performance is one note: an angry young man critical of the country in which he lives and the “system of oppression” that victimizes him and other Black Americans.
It was a critical race theory anthem meant to use a peer to continue to indoctrinate youth into buying the far-left views administrators and progressive, activist students hold. It caught students by surprise, wondering why this was allowed in an all-student presentation.
Their parents were more than surprised: They were upset.
One mother with a daughter enrolled at North Thurston High School emailed the principal to complain. Her daughter flagged the video, knowing it was inappropriate, and said watching it was compulsory. The mother suspected that an adult pushed the teen poet to write about oppression, but knows an adult staffer had to have green lit the entire project.
“It’s hard to believe 15-year-old kids have experienced so much oppression in their short life,” the mom wrote. “I’m Mexican/brown and in no way have I experienced anything in my 50 years on earth that was mentioned in that video.”
The mom complained to the principal that whichever district staff member was responsible for putting together the video “did not think of the impact it could create for these kids.”
She said it was “completely inconceivable that grown adults who are supposed to be teachers did this.”
The principal responded, noting he did not view the video before it was aired.
The mother, who reached out to the Jason Rantz Show on KTTH, says when she saw the video, she was “heartbroken” that the “meaning [of MLK Day] was lost.” But soon she got angry at the “divisive” nature of the video. She said other parents are emailing complaints as well.
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It’s not hard to believe why the school thought this video was appropriate.
School districts across the country are going woke at all costs, amplifying viciously anti-police and anti-American positions because it’s the administrators and teachers helping to create the worldviews these kids now hold. This district educates through a critical race theory lens, and its staff holds extremist, ideologically bigoted views.
One teacher at Timberline High School in Lacey erected a large political display portraying Republicans as uneducated, bigoted warmongers. It posted a photo of a noose to identify what Republicans stand for. Democrats, on the other hand, were portrayed as tolerant, successful, and focused on justice.
And when the district realized Asian students were academically excelling, they were removed from the “students of color” report and lumped in with white students. The district used the resulting data to falsely imply students of color were faring worse academically than white students. Those stats coincidentally supported the district’s progressive worldview, blaming a racist society for inequity.
MLK Jr. Day could be about celebrating a civil rights icon who once asked us to judge one another by our character, not by our skin color. Given that progressives now judge everything around race, perhaps one shouldn’t be too shocked that the holiday would be turned into a video assembly on racial grievances.
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