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Plans have been concluded by insurance professionals and health experts to discuss wellness and mental health in the workplace.
Scheduled to hold at this year’s Dive In Festival, on September 28, 2022, with the theme, ‘Breaking the Taboo: Wellbeing and Mental Health in the Workplace,’the move the organisers said, was to achieve a healthy workforce, as well as to create a positive change in the workplace
The festival, which is a global event for diversity and inclusion in insurance, will focus on ‘Building Braver Cultures,’ and ensure industries build environments where people feel safe, valued, respected and free to express themselves.
Speaking on the impact of the festival, Chief Strategy Officer, Aon Reinsurance, Mary Alade, said, “The Dive In Festival’s mission is the same as when we launched, to highlight the business case for diverse and inclusive workplaces and bring about positive change in the insurance sector. This year, we want to take a focused step towards breaking traditional taboos that have eroded our empathy as employers and contributed to the poor mental health of our workforce. We must build braver working cultures where everyone is recognised and empowered to speak and behave authentically. This year, we hope to influence an impactful movement and stir positive change in the insurance industry.
“Against an increasingly rising percentage of mental wellness cases, consequences and mounting global pressure to promote, as well as protect mental health in the workplace, the theme for this year’s festival couldn’t be more fitting. The festival would also cover subjects such as employers’ empathy, flexible working opportunities and options, mental health and wellness, workplace therapy, roles of human resources managers in ensuring work-life balance, and other inexhaustible conversation pillars,” she said.

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