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Potli massage is named after the use of a potli, meaning pouch, filled with herbal ingredients to help alleviate pain. While it is one of the popular massage therapies practiced in India, potli massage therapy has been a natural remedy for centuries in South East Asia, especially in Thailand.
Potli, also referred to as poultice can help rejuvenate and relax the affected areas of your body with their therapeutic effect. Read on to know more about potli massage therapy, how it helps, and the various benefits it offers.
As mentioned, potli massage therapy is performed using a poultice or a pouch filled with ingredients that benefit the body. The therapy finds its roots in Ayurveda, which is one of the oldest medicinal traditions in India. The potli used in potli massage therapy contains a mix of Ayurvedic herbs that are carefully chosen based on your ailment and your Ayurvedic constitution.
The potli is made of muslin cloth, and the ingredients for the massage are packed tightly in it. The potli is then dipped in either warm medicated oil (wet massage) or sand or herbal powder (dry massage). Then, the potli is massaged onto specific pressure points that promote healing in the body.
Tip: If you have any health condition that you’re seeking treatment for, consult your doctor before going for alternative therapies.
Below are listed some of the many benefits of potli massage:
Tip: Discuss your ailments and health or skin concerns with your massage therapist so they can choose the perfect kind of treatment for you.
Below are the different types of potli massages you can treat yourself to:
Tip: Understand the benefits offered by each massage type to boost your health and wellness quotient.
The main Ayurvedic herbs and natural ingredients used in potli massage therapy are as follows.
The below infographic lists the benefits of different herbal oils used in potli massage.
Tip: You can use the above-mentioned herbs and oils on their own for potli massage. Using a mix of herbal powders and oils that work for you can offer multifold health benefits.
To give yourself a potli massage at home, gather your selection of herbs and oils based on your Ayurvedic constitution and the health concern you want to address. Pack the herbs into a linen or muslin cloth and tie it tightly. Dip the potli in warm medicated oil or sand or herbal powder. Massage the potli onto pressure points to aid healing, relieve stress, and stimulate blood circulation.
Tip: Make sure it isn’t too hot to burn your skin.
You can treat yourself to a potli massage at home or you can check your local spa or massage therapist if they offer this therapy. You will also be able to find readymade potlis online for purchase to treat specific health concerns.
Tip: If you’re signing up for a potli massage at your local spa, make sure they have a trained therapist for the same.
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