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Feb 01, 2022, 09:00 ET
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LONDON, Feb. 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — An online event was organized by POLIS ETICA, a public school of civil and political education, to discuss the topic:The European problem: between USA and Russia
Italian experts analyzed the points of view of all those who have a role in the crisis of relations between Ukraine and Russia, "in fact managed mostly by the United States and NATO" highlighted Dr. Stefano Vernole, Director of CeSEM / Eurasia. "The European Union is sidelined by the initiative of France and Germany in the perennial struggle for European leadership."
Sen. Luigi Marino outlines "the 3 types of pro-European states: Radical Atlantists (Baltics, Poland, etc.), Autonomists (France) and Pragmatics (Italy), therefore it counts how one acts in the Alliance and how far one must always say yes ». In fact, all this can happen precisely because of the European institutional weakness, desired and maintained by the individual states, analyst Ambassador Prof. Maurizio Melani specified that "the diplomatic solution to be pursued must be based on the full implementation of the Minsk agreements and on the prospect of a renewed European security architecture with a new season of arms control and building mutual trust. Putin pressures military exercises to push the West to negotiate, but these are games that can prove to be very dangerous if an unforeseen accident occurs".

Guido De Simone, Director of POLIS ETICA, objects that it is just as if not more dangerous for Washington to give the Ukrainian army state-of-the-art weapons.

Anthropologist Eliseo Bertolasi, analyst for Vision & Global Trends, believes that a real Russian attack on Ukrainian territory is unlikely.

Dr. Marco Ghisetti, CeSEM / Eurasia analyst, foresees more a demonstration act of Russia close to the USA and cites Hungtinton and the fault lines on which conflicts are possible, because it is the case of Ukraine, which must be demilitarized, because the military one is the only barrier between Europe and Asia.

Dr. Stefano Vernole points out that while there is a democratic America that prefers to rely on peace to do business, the troubles are created by the elite of the US military industrial complex that needs Russia as an "Enemy" and seeks to encircle it anachronistically.

De Simone concludes by suggesting an unprecedented trilateral alliance between all Westerners, including Russia, which, in addition to creating undoubted well-being and general convenience, allows China, with its impetuous growth, not to take unipolar attitudes similar to those of the Elite. globalist headquartered in the USA.

Contributors to the discussion: the political scientist Sen. Luigi Marino, the Director of CeSEM/Eurasia, Dr. Stefano Vernole, the Anthropologist analyst of Vision & Global Trends Dr. Eliseo Bertolasi, the analyst of CeSEM / Eurasia, Marco Ghisetti, moderated by Dr. Leonardo Dini, Director of the International Politics Department of POLIS ETICA and by the Founder of the latter, Guido De Simone.

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