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Your self-care routine just got an upgrade
Stress: we all feel it, and it’s impacting every area of our lives – with 79% of us citing work as the greatest source, closely followed by money, our families, our health, and relationships. And that’s before you factor in the fallout from the pandemic. To say that modern life can feel overwhelming is putting it lightly.
It’s this ever-mounting pressure that inspired the launch of Plantopia, a plant-based skincare and wellbeing brand that teams adaptogens with complementary essential oils to help us find much-needed moments of calm.
Comprising four core ranges – all featuring a supplement alongside sustainable, multipurpose skincare and bathing solutions – the collection encourages us to tap into the principles of holistic wellness, nurturing mind, body and spirit in equal measure.
Each item forms the basis for a valuable self-care ritual, harnessing the power of touch and scent through immersive products such as sensory balms, bath soaks and space mists. And in line with Plantopia’s commitment to the planet, the products are housed in chic recyclable glass or post-consumer recycled plastic containers wherever possible, and arrive with minimal packaging.
Intrigued? Here’s how these new products can turn ‘argh’ into ‘ahh’ whenever you need a reset.
Try Energise & Uplift
Ginseng has been key to Chinese medicine for centuries, and studies have shown its potential for reducing mental and physical fatigue. The adaptogenic plant is front and centre in Plantopia’s Energise & Uplift edit, paired with lemongrass to awaken your senses and kick-start your morning.
The Food Supplement deploys vitamins B5 and B6, plus iron for an even greater energy boost, while the unique oil-to-milk formula in the Good To Go Bath & Shower Oil is an easy, uplifting addition to your getting-ready routine. Oh, and a special shout-out to the This Glows Day Serum – it’s super-lightweight and refreshing, using AHAs and vitamin C to brighten skin on an ongoing basis.

Try Relax & Calm
Plantopia poses turmeric as the ideal ingredient to help quiet the noise. Research suggests that curcumin, the active compound found in turmeric, can help reduce the symptoms of chronic stress. It’s also an anti-inflammatory, providing physical benefits as well as mental ones.
Start by spritzing your room with the alcohol-free And Relax Face & Space Mist, which is just as good on your skin as it is on your sheets, and let the geranium essential oils included in the Relax & Calm collection work their magic. Follow up with a gentle massage using the Deep Peace Sensory Balm, and you’ll have already taken valuable steps towards finding your zen again.
Try Detox & Purify
Whether you want to concentrate on study, work or chores, or even just streamline your downtime into something more cohesive, the Detox & Purify products are the ones to make a beeline for. Firstly, they smell amazing, thanks to the inclusion of spicy, citrusy elemi essential oil, and they also contain stress-busting schisandra, an adaptogen reported to support cognitive function.
Look to the Food Supplement, enhanced with vitamin C and choline, during busy or particularly trying periods to shake yourself out of any negative funks. Or if you’ve got a bit more time for a pampering session, applying the clarifying Radiance Reboot Face & Eye Mask or brushing up with the Smooth & Sweep Body Scrub will be 10 minutes well spent.

Try Rest & Sleep
You might have heard of ashwagandha already – it’s a rumoured fave with the likes of Meghan Markle and Jennifer Aniston, and is best known as an alternative treatment for anxiety, as well as for its sleep-inducing properties.
The Rest & Sleep products, which use this adaptogen, work exactly as you might expect – to send you off into a deep slumber, with dreamy sandalwood essential oil setting the olfactory scene for deep, high-quality rest. Build yourself a bath-and-bed routine using the Moonlight Slumber Soak & Scrub, Rest Assured Body Lotion and Dusk To Dawn Night Oil, and you should find yourself drifting off effortlessly.
Plantopia is Leaping Bunny and UEBT certified. Visit to shop and learn more.
Support is available if you’re finding it hard to cope with stress. Speak to your doctor or visit for further advice and and resources


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