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The entrepreneur supports its Mission to Make Illness Optional
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Feb 16, 2022, 09:00 ET
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BELLEVUE, Wash., Feb. 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Today Paris Hilton joins Viome Life Sciences, precision health, and wellness company, as an investor and ambassador to help further its mission of tackling chronic diseases, cancer, and aging. Hilton recognizes the importance of proper nutrition and relies on Viome’s industry-leading mRNA gene expression tests for the most accurate, complete view of her health and biological age, or how well a person is aging in comparison to their chronological age. Through this partnership, Hilton hopes to raise awareness of Viome’s mission and encourage consumers to use Viome to take control of their health.
Partnerships between brands and celebrities typically begin with a sponsorship deal, but the connection formed between Paris and Viome was formed organically. Paris has always been very open about her personal life and her struggles to find balance in her career. With her recent marriage in November 2021 to Carter Reum and plans to begin a family, Paris will embark on a new chapter and has discovered Viome’s diagnostics and precision nutrition recommendations to help guide her on this journey. Viome’s products have given her critical insights she has never been able to access before about her overall health and wellness.
"Viome has created a revolutionary at-home test that tells me precisely what foods and supplements I need based on what’s happening inside of my body right now. This kind of personal precise nutritional data has never been available until now and Viome allows me to feel confident that my body is getting what it needs from the inside out, enabling me to live healthy, stay looking youthful, and have amazing skin. I love Viome," said Paris Hilton.
Viome’s Health Intelligence Test is the world’s first commercially available at-home mRNA test that goes beyond the industry’s standard DNA, nutrition, or gut health test. Leveraging the most innovative AI technology to provide unique food and supplement recommendations to combat signs of aging and promote longevity, Viome is leading the space forward. Each individual receives health insights and nutrition recommendations based on their individual microbial and human gene expressions, as well as monthly supplements tailored to their scores. By analyzing the body as a whole, individuals receive detailed insights around key areas like gut health, immune system health, cellular health, biological age, and more. These areas greatly impact an individual’s digestion, mood, energy, sleep, hormones, skin, and ability to support a healthy weight.
"Paris and I share the belief that food can be a medicine, especially when it is personalized for each individual based on their own unique biology," said Viome CEO and Founder, Naveen Jain. "We want this kind of precision to be accessible to everyone so that they can take control of their own health. At Viome we have seen so many of our customers’ lives changed, experiencing improvements in areas such as digestive symptoms, immunity, depressive and anxiety symptoms, brain fog, skin conditions, sleep, weight loss, and so much more. The partnership with Paris will allow us to reach more people who are looking for answers based on real science, not simply opinions, fad diets, or generalized health advice."
Over the past few months, Viome has made some exciting announcements to help further its mission of making disease optional including its retail partnership with Nordstrom, which was a significant milestone in democratizing access to individual health and wellness, the expansion of its collaboration with GSK to further investigate health interventions for select cancers and autoimmune diseases through a clinical validation trial and raising a $54M Pre-Series C funding round to accelerate the development of its mRNA platform for prevention, diagnosis, and therapeutics for chronic disorders, cancers, and aging. To learn more, visit
About Viome Life Sciences
Viome Life Sciences is a mission-driven systems biology company founded in 2016 to tackle the epidemic of chronic diseases, cancer, and aging. To help individuals improve their health and to better understand the root of chronic diseases, Viome is strategically split into two divisions. Viome Consumer Services is focused on growing its established consumer products including tests, nutrition plans, and supplements. Viome Health Sciences is devoted to advancing its precision diagnostics and therapeutics platform. By conducting mRNA analysis at a mass scale, Viome is digitizing human biology and ultimately stopping the onset and progression of chronic diseases. Recently, Viome garnered FDA Approval for its unique mRNA technology and AI platform to detect cancers and has already successfully developed over 30 predictive models for some of the most prominent chronic diseases.
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