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24th Annual Leaders in CE
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24th Annual Leaders in CE
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Oral-B, the industry leader in oral care innovation and #1 dentist recommended brand worldwide, today unveiled its latest digital health innovations at the 2022 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), including its CES Innovation Award Honoree Oral-B iO10 with iOSense that serves as the ultimate oral health coach. With its mission to enable better oral health for all, it is also bringing the revolutionary Oral-B iO lineup to more people with the addition of iO4 and iO5 brushes, as well as reimagining “Attack of the Cavity Creeps” as a fun, educational video game.
“Our mission does not end at a smart toothbrush or better brushing coach; it is about developing a larger digital health ecosystem that leads with advanced technologies, accessible solutions and more effective educational tools to improve oral care and health for all,” said Alita Vegas, P&G Global Oral Care Senior Vice President. “With our latest announcements at CES 2022, we’re building a digital health ecosystem to take on the oral health crisis in America. Oral-B is committed to helping people across the globe access the very best in oral care technology while teaching them about the dangers of tooth decay and encouraging healthy oral care habits.”
“Furthermore, we are expanding the iO line-up to include iO4 and iO5, providing accessibility to more people. In addition, I’m excited to announce the launch of Oral-B iO9 later this year in Latin America, allowing us to reach more global consumers than ever before,” Vegas concluded. “This game-changing, rechargeable toothbrush brought consumers the ability to have a professional clean feel in just 2 minutes, and received the ADA seal of acceptance, recognized by dentists and consumers as the gold standard for evaluating the safety and efficacy of dental products.”
Oral-B iO Technology
Originally launched in 2020, Oral-B iO was the result of six years of dedicated research with dental professionals to ensure people have the best possible oral health outcomes at home. Oral-B iO strikes the right balance between effectiveness and experience and reimagines how a brush performs. It offers a unique blend of innovative features, such as a linear magnetic drive, bi-modal smart pressure sensor, and redesigned brush head, to deliver the WOW of a professional clean feel at home.
In clinical tests, Oral-B iO provided a deeper cleaning of teeth and gums, allowing users to easily and effectively maintain oral health. When compared to manual toothbrushes, Oral-B iO users experienced:
And, when used with the right oral care products such as Crest Gum Detoxify toothpaste, Crest Pro-Health mouthwash, and Oral-B Glide floss, the results are even better with 100% of regimen users resolving their gingivitis and achieving healthy gums in 12 weeks (vs. just 7% of manual users).
Introducing Oral-B iO10 with iOSense
Built on Oral-B’s award-winning iO technology and a CES 2022 Innovation Awards honoree, the new iO10 with iOSense technology is the ultimate oral health coach. This rechargeable, electric toothbrush offers an intuitive and connected experience that provides real-time insights, setting a new standard in oral care. iO10 provides live coaching directly on the iOSense Charger to guide your time, pressure, and coverage in real-time without needing to take a phone into the bathroom.
Plus, it includes a clock and a timer to help you brush for the dentist-recommend two minutes. User brushing data syncs to the Oral-B app for greater insights into brushing habits. With seven different cleaning modes, you can personalize your brushing for the WOW of a professional clean feeling at home.
Join the iO10 VIP waitlist now and you’ll be one of the first notified when the brush is available for purchase: https://oralb.com/en-us/join-oralb-iO10-waitlist.
Greater Accessibility with Oral-B iO4 and iO5
Featuring the same groundbreaking iO technology, the iO4 and iO5 enable more people to get better oral health results at home by improving brushing habits and providing a powerful clean. Each brush features multiple brushing modes to personalize your cleaning experience, with rainbow celebration lights upon the completion of brushing for two minutes and refill LED reminders directly on the handles. The iO5 can also provide users with real-time coverage tracking and coaching via the Oral-B app.
The iO4 and iO5 will be available nationwide beginning in 2022.
Priced for less than $100 USD, both brushes will be offered in a range of colors including quite white, matte black, blush pink, icy blue and lavender.
Greater Access to Professional Dental Care
Oral-B is partnering with Grin, a leading teledentistry platform, that allows consumers to capture high-res images of their mouth on their smartphone, and securely transmit dental scans to their provider for an at-home consultation. Together, Oral-B and Grin hope to transform at-home oral health by giving consumers access to personalized oral health insights and at-home professional consultations.
The field of orthodontics is a great example: For many consumers, teeth straightening under the care of a local orthodontist is inaccessible—either due to distance from an office or the time commitment. The Grin platform consists of a scope that affixes to any smartphone and allows orthodontists to transition patient check-ins from in-office to remote, including monitoring teeth movement, gum health, and oral hygiene.
With the Oral-B and Grin partnership, now orthodontists can virtually recommend the oral care products and behaviors their patients need to maintain good oral health treatment. This is especially important for kids, where early identification and remediation of poor oral hygiene can prevent longer treatment duration and extra office visits.
Oral-B and Grin believe that when consumers have a superior understanding of their oral health, they can take action early by selecting the right products, modifying behavior, and having more frequent, informed conversations with their dentist.
Over the coming months, Oral-B and Grin will begin to reveal innovation that empowers consumers and their families to take greater control of their oral health at home.
You can find more information on Grin at get-grin.com.
Attack of the Cavity Creeps
Oral care education is a crucial part of overall health, and children are particularly susceptible to tooth decay. In fact, having cavities at an early age makes you four times more likely to have dental issues as an adult. Knowing this, Oral-B and Crest have developed an immersive video game —“Attack of the Cavity Creeps” — based on the fondly remembered ad campaign from the late 70’s and early 80’s that teaches kids better oral health habits.
Being displayed at CES for the very first time, players will drop into the middle of Toothopolis and complete missions to combat bad breath, discoloration, early signs of gum disease, enamel erosion and defeat General Decay.
“Attack of the Cavity Creeps” will also be rolled out to kids and families as a part of Crest and Oral-B’s commitment to “Closing the Smile Gap” through dental care access, education and oral care donations. Play at www.pglifelab.com.
For more information on Oral-B, please visit oralb.com.
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FEATURED IMAGE: iO10 provides live coaching directly on the iOSense Charger to guide your time, pressure, and coverage in real-time without needing to take a phone into the bathroom (Credit: Business Wire).

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