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A long COVID expert said that the omicron variant symptoms are similar to another virus

So far, COVID-19 symptoms from the omicron variant of the coronavirus have been different compared to previous coronavirus variants, according to Dr. Bruce Patterson, who works for single cell diagnostic company IncellDx and the Chronic Covid Treatment Center.
Patterson, who is a long-haul COVID expert, told me that “the one thing that’s always present with COVID is fatigue” with COVID-19 patients, and that includes the omicron patients he has seen so far.
But, Patterson said, he has not seen as much of a loss of taste and smell compared to the previous variants.
Patterson said that the omicron variant has looked similar to a virus called parainfluenza. He said he used to see patients who were overly tired but did not have fevers. But they would have a small cough.
So far, there has been anecdotal data about the omicron variant symptoms. A doctor in the United Kingdom recently said night sweats are a common omicron variant symptom.

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