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People are returning to the office. In fact, Chuck Schreiber, CEO and co-founder at KBS, says that it isn’t a question of “if there will be a return,” but rather how office spaces will evolve once people do. One way that offices are already changing is in health and wellness amenities. Features like corporate gardens, outdoor areas and water features became incredibly popular during the pandemic, and it is helping to get employees comfortable with the return.
“Since the pandemic, health and wellness have become top priorities for office users,” Schreiber tells BenefitsPRO’s sister publication “Office amenities that promote these factors may help to coax employees back to the workplace. This includes biophilia (plants and natural lighting), corporate gardens and outdoor amenities such as water features and landscaping.”
Alan Goforth |
Half of U.S. adults say they put off or skipped some sort of health care or dental care in the past year because of the cost.
Jesse McHargue |
Even as organizations move toward a future where workplace flexibility will be the norm, they need to structure and support that flexibility.
Thomas Phillips |
With the world cartwheeling into 2022, the retirement industry, too, sees more challenges and changes in the future. To chart a course for the year…
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