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Ithaca College is excited to announce that it has officially finalized a partnership with Sanvello, an industry leader in digital health and wellness support services, to launch a new health and wellness phone application resource for our IC community. All current Ithaca College faculty, staff and students with an active IC email address will now be able to utilize the premium version of the Sanvello application free of charge.
To access the premium version of Sanvello at no cost, IC members must download the application and create an account utilizing their IC email address. Please note that due to digital security reasons, Ithaca College asks that users DO NOT share their IC email address with friends or family members interested in utilizing this service. Ithaca College also requests that all users create a unique password for this service and DO NOT plan to use the same password as their IC email account.
Please visit this link to download Sanvello on an apple device.
Please visit this link to download Sanvello on an android device.
Please visit this link to access Sanvello’s web-based platform.
We highly encourage members of the IC community looking to learn more to save the date, as Ithaca College will be joint-hosting a live demo webinar with representatives from Sanvello from 12:00 p.m. – 1:00 p.m. on Thursday, February 10, 2022. Stay tuned to Intercom and the IC Events Calendar for more information on how to attend this upcoming information session.
The Sanvello digital application is a leading innovator in making high-quality health and wellness support more accessible, helping to remove common barriers for users by putting the availability of these resources conveniently on your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Based on your usage of the app, Sanvello builds a unique road map catered specifically to you to help you achieve your personal health and wellness goals. Developed in collaboration with therapists, doctors and researchers, Sanvello offers users a variety of different functions to aid users manage stress, cope with anxiety, and find their own unique support along their personal wellness journey. 
As part of Ithaca College’s partnership with Sanvello, all IC users will have access to a vast collection of premium services. These include:
Learn more about the scope of what is available as part of Ithaca College’s partnership with Sanvello by visiting the links below:
Peer Support
Our campus community has certainly faced unprecedented challenges to health and wellbeing, especially heightened even greater within the context of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on the Ithaca College experience. Providing cost-free access to the Sanvello application gives our campus community an additional value-added channel to connect individuals with the support they need.
In addition to being a frequent point of interest among Ithaca College students, adopting an accessible digital application to support health and wellness was also a key recommendation stemming from Ithaca College’s continued collaborative self-study with JED Campus. Sanvello is a preferred partner of JED Campus and has been adopted by several JED Campus institutions throughout the country.
Please note that while the Sanvello application provides users with conveniently accessible health and wellness resources, it is only meant to be utilized as a supplement to services provided directly by the college. Individuals in need of clinical care and evaluation should continue to utilize traditional outlets of support, which includes CAPS and the Office of Case Management for IC students. All user data shared with the app is protected, secured, and confidential. Sanvello does not share information related to an individual’s personal health with Ithaca College or any other third-party entities. Visit this link to view Sanvello’s data protection and privacy policies.
The partnership between Ithaca College and Sanvello will run for three years. This effort was made possible by the generous support of Ithaca College donors, who fully funded this initiative through donations received during Ithaca College’s Giving Tuesday fundraising efforts this past December.


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