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This is not a drill or an April Fools joke, weed is now legal in America
The one who came with the brilliant idea of passing this bill on April Fools Day should get a standing ovation, it will definitely throw many potheads off at first glance. But the United States Congress truly has passed a bill that effectively decriminalizes and legalizes marijuana across the entire country on a federal level. Examples given by states like California, Colorado and others are the main reason this bill was passed. Literally billions of dollars were injected to all these states that had recreational use of cannabis as legal, which made uncle Sam get on board with the program. Even though purists or conservatives will scream outrage for the decision made in congress, this is clearly the way in which the world will maintain its constant state of evolution.
This is coming frmo a historically narc-filled country that only three decades ago was declaring a war on drugs that was impossible to win. By the end of the ‘1960s, an incredible 12% only approved of the plant’s recreational use. As time progressed in the late ’90s, that number got up to 50% and described the world’s shift in this mindset. Just two years ago, a Gallup poll revealed that 66% of the country believed marijuana should be legal. Things have changed so much in the last 30 years and today marks a historic day for this plant. The repercussions in other countries such as Mexico will be inevitable as the regulations on how to sell it become more clear.
But this trend of legalizing weed has been a constant over the last decade as a total of 18 states already had laws that allowed its recreational use and growing. Another 20 only had decriminalized or medically legal marijuana. But conservatives will keep a small win as the plant is still considered a Schedule 1 controlled substance by de federal government. What matters the most about the recently pased bill is that several convictions from the past will undergo a fresh review in order to release a lot of people from prison who were convicted due to marijuana use, grow or comercialization. Over 40% of the total drug-related arrests are linked to weed, this is a major win for American society. The vote was passed 220 in favor and 204 against. This bill is known as the Marijuana Opportunity Reinvestment and Expungement Act.
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