Northampton business launches wellness walks for men to improve their mental health – Northampton Chronicle and Echo

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Fortnightly wellness walks have been launched in Northampton in a bid to improve physical and mental health for local men.
Personal trainer and nutrition coach, Simeon James, has teamed up with social enterprise Saints Coffee to introduce Men’s Wellness Walks.
Talking about the inspiration for the initiative, Simeon said: “It was a joint effort really. Saints Coffee had the women’s wellness walks and I jokily complained about it in the comments and said, what about men? They were like, actually, we’ve been thinking about it, you know.”
Simeon stepped up and collaborated with Saints Coffee to host their first Men’s Wellness Walk on Sunday, August 21.
They now run every other week in conjunction with Women’s Wellness Walks so they alternate every Sunday.
On taking the lead with the walks, Simeon added: “If you are going to complain and not do anything about it, what’s the point?”
Northampton men are invited to meet at Saints Coffee in St Giles Street at 11am, where participants have an opportunity to introduce themselves and grab a cup of coffee.
After 15 minutes, the group then embarks on a relaxing walk along the canal in Becket’s Park for around 60 to 90 minutes.
Conversations range from how things are at work, personal life and how world situations are affecting people.
Chronicle & Echo asked Simeon how these walks have benefitted those who have taken part so far.
Simeon responded: “First of all, there is the health benefit of getting your extra steps in and meeting new people and the fact that it is a space where you can relax and not feel pressured to talk about your stuff but, if you want to, you can.
“One guy I spoke to said, ever since Covid, he found it hard to get out and about. He likes the excuse to get out the house and I think that’s a really good thing.”
On the last Tuesday of every month, Simeon is running a free nutrition drop-in clinic at Saints Coffee where he provides tips around healthy weight loss, diet management and mental health.
The next men’s wellness walk will take place on Sunday, October 2.


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