New York man wins $10M lottery for the second time in 3 years – USA TODAY

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A New York man defied lottery odds after winning $10 million from a scratch-off game, and it’s the second time in three years he has won it.
Juan Hernandez of Uniondale in Nassau County won New York Lottery’s $10 million Deluxe scratch-off game this month, New York Lottery announced on Tuesday
New York Lottery said this is Hernandez’s second win after he won the same amount in 2019, winning the top prize in the $350 million Cash Spectacular scratch-off ticket. Hernandez said in the release he is “still trying to spend the $10,000,000,” he won three years ago.
Hernandez truly defined the odds of winning the lottery twice. The odds of winning the  $10 million Deluxe scratch-off game is 1 in 3.52 million.
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As rare and difficult it seems to win the lottery twice, it has happened before. In October 2021, a retired utility worker from Maryland won a $2 million lottery prize for the second time, while women in North Carolina and Missouri each previously won the lottery twice on the same day, just with different amounts of money. 
Hernandez said he decided to take the lump sum of his recent winnings, resulting in him winning a total of $6.5 million “after required withholdings.”
New York Lottery’s website lists  three grand prize winners of $10 million given out, and one ticket has yet to be cashed out. 
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