New survey: Cove device helps first responders find calm during turbulent times –

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EMS Burnout Repair Kit: Webinar #3 – A whole body approach to physical health
EMS Burnout Repair Kit: Webinar #3 – A whole body approach to physical health

WHERE: Seattle, WA & San Rafael, CA
WHAT: Feelmore Labs, a wellness technology company, recently released a study showing that their wearable device, Cove, improves sleep and reduces stress in first responders. The COVID-19 pandemic has certainly shown the immense stress these individuals undergo daily, with little room for error. As such, the stakes for good sleep and mental stability among frontline workers couldn’t be higher. Now, data shows that Cove dramatically improves mental wellness in this population. 
After using the device twice daily for 30 days, participants found their stress reduced by 23 percent and their sleep quality ratings improved by 61 percent, on average. In addition to these benefits, participants reported that they felt more relaxed after using Cove and that the device made it easier to fall asleep and stay asleep.  In line with these findings, the majority of participants (93%) opted to keep their device after the study concluded.
Cove’s results can vary, but users most commonly report deeper sleep, reduced stress, more energy during the day, and better focus. The device works by applying patented vibrations to the skin behind the ears, activating a calming skin-to-brain pathway proven to reduce stress and improve sleep.    
Feelmore Labs scientists used 3 methods of assessment for the study:
Demographics on the study participants:
Feelmore Labs is a NY-based health and wellness technology company pioneering a new category of wearable devices that help people feel and perform better every day. 
The team at Feelmore Labs is composed of world-class neuroscientists, engineers, and executives with diverse experiences spanning the luxury consumer goods, professional sports, and technology industries, among others.
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