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A new health & wellbeing studio in Cardington, Bedford, is helping people enhance their lives and escape the stress of modern life through holistic massage therapies and treatments.
Life Health & Wellbeing Studio is the brainchild of Nic Whitehouse who is qualified in advanced and holistic massage, Reiki, meditation, chakra healing and personal rebalance, which she says “leads to mindfulness and well-being to self and others”.
“Throughout my life, I’ve gained a lot of experience in natural living and the benefits of holistic therapies and I’d like to share that experience with as many people as I can,” said Nic.
“Life gets stressful and I want to help take some of that away. Day-to-day life can be full of frustration and yet so many people don’t take time out for themselves,” she adds.
The centre is poignantly nestled between The Barn Cardington farm shop and Rosehip Bespoke Floristry, on Cople Road, Cardington, making the setting perfect for anyone looking to have a relaxing treatment and some important ‘self-care’.
But it’s not just treatments on offer, as Nic has scoured suppliers from near and far to fill the shelves of a gift shop, with aroma candles, oils, essential oil, natural soaps, yoga mats, meditation cushions and more.

Nic’s passion for her business and what she does is infectious, she smiles constantly as she explains what she’s offering.
“At Life Health and Wellbeing Studio, people can get away from it all and have a treatment to relax their muscles and calm their mind, and maybe take some of that back home with them too.
“I want people to know they’ve got somewhere to come to access holistic treatments in a way they might not be able to get anywhere else.”
While a weekly treatment from Nic will certainly be appealing to many, Nic is also offering longer solutions with earth healing and relaxation.
“I have run a number of retreats and workshops and will be offering more of these in the future,” Nic tells us.
Workshops can be taken 1-1 or with friends and offer the chance to learn about detox, mindfulness, and herbal remedies.
The retreats, however, delve a bit deeper into earth healing over several days and include workshops alongside Raw Glamping, Cosy Getaways, or breaks on the coast.
Life Health and Wellness Studio offer Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Indian head, Traditional Swedish Massage, ​Hot Stone Massage, and Reiki.
They are open:
You can find out more about Nic, the treatments on offer, and the gift shop at their website.
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