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Apple has introduced the Apple Watch Ultra, and the Apple Watch Serie * and enhancements to the Apple Watch SE. These upgrades and advancements have to do with women’s health, crash detection, and introducing longer battery life. The Apple Watch Ultra is meant for the outdoors, for exercise, scuba-diving, and hiking or climbing. A camper’s dream watch for all activities.
Apple Watch Ultra is still brand new and with a late September 2022 delivery date. The watch is having a Titanium housing, with a 49 mm case, sapphire front crystal, raised controls, action button, the crown is wider than other Apple watches. There are three mics built-in and cellular for access to voice functions even in harsh weather. There is 36 hours of battery life on any charge, a built-in new GPS, a GNSS device called "way finder” with a compass in the dial, and a striking darkness mode for night use. It can function in deep water up to 130 feet, with a depth finder and a dedicated app from Oceanic for scuba divers, that takes the place of hand signals and can be used with just simple gestures and dial manipulations. There are very strong bands and bright face designs, with a harsh temperature rating of -4 F to 130F, designed for the sports person, fitness and workout athlete, and the swimmer or marathoner.

The Apple Watch Series 8 and SE both come with all the features and options that had previously been available, with major enhancements to those features and options.
Apple Watch Series 8 has upgraded to the temperature, and vital sign features. There is now more advanced ovulation cycle detection through temperature sensors. The menstrual cycle detection feature is 3 years old but is now more advanced with a pair of high sensitivity temperature sensors, behind a bigger watch body overall. The watch uses advanced machine learning to enhance its already accurate timing of menstrual cycles, through the biphasic period. The temperature of the body, at the wrists matches the rest of the body during sleep, when blood vessels allow more blood flow to more areas of the body. The two sensors in the Apple Watch Series 8 collect temperature readings every 5 seconds, recording the fluctuations caused by ovulation.
With women’s health a rapidly growing segment of technology, the menstrual cycle is now seen as a vital sign, to be measured and recorded, to add to the other vital signs. The Series 8 comes in four new colors and three new brushed steel colors, the face designs can be switched and there is a new, brighter light for night reading.
The Apple Watch Series 8 also has an advanced crash detection feature, to go along with the emergency call features, detecting falls or fever. The new Series 8 has a built-in accelerometer that can detect rapid deceleration, with a feature that detects a collision on the side of the vehicle involved in the accident. It uses the most recent data on the frontend, rear, or side collisions and can react in the event of an accident and the wearer is incapacitated and cannot interact with the watch.
The Apple Watch SE, mirrors the two new features of the Apple Watch Series 8, except it does not come in all the color choices the Apple Watch Series 8 comes in. All watches have delivery dates of late September.


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