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8 May 2022 4:19 AM GMT
There are many age-related eye problems (Photo credit: Flickr)
Editor’s note: Mother’s Day is celebrated across the world on May 8. This is part seven in a multi-part series of articles on common health concerns typically faced by mothers and the best treatment for their disease. Read the first one on Osteoarthritis common in elder women; regular weight-bearing exercises advised; the second article on Menopause natural process but changes to woman’s body can be life-changing; the third article on Motherhood makes women vulnerable to mental ailments, stress management is key; the fourth article on Hypothyroidism can be asymptomatic, routine TSH is must; the fifth on Basic lifestyle changes help improve heart health, prevent hypertension and the sixth on Diabetes increases risk of heart disease by four times, UTIs are common

Women are normally predisposed to certain eye problems which come with age. These may be related to menopause when it is about to start. Dry eyes are one such condition. It is a very common issue which occurs due to changes that take place in the body because of hormones. It leads to irritation and itching in the eye. Apart from this, as women age, they may suffer from decreased vision, starting from the age of 40, and one may start needing glasses.
Around the age of 50-60 cataracts can become an issue. Eye haemorrhage, eye stress, and even glaucoma become common problems as women start to age. Chances of women developing glaucoma post-40 are high. Sadly, this is a killer disease – it is an irreversible disease. Once it reaches an advanced stage, it is impossible to reverse the damage that is caused to the nerve. It is a worrying situation. However, not all is lost. If a person comes to us at an early stage, it is possible to stabilise the disease. Unfortunately, there is nothing that can be done to treat the condition. Similarly, the chances of developing cataracts post-40 are also high. Therefore, every woman should get herself screened once she reaches the age of 40 regularly.

Eyes have an accommodative phenomenon – the lens has the ability to accommodate. That is why you can see in the distance and even nearby without glasses. As a woman ages, the accommodative power of the lens becomes less. This means while distance remains, the near vision starts becoming blurry. Take an example. When you are reading or trying to put a thread in a needle, there is a need to wear spectacles.

Age-related droopy eyes are another issue that women face after the age of 60. This is when the wrinkles develop. If the body is not healthy – the woman has heart and kidney issues – then you can get droopy eyes. Children should worry about any eye-related issues their mother may face.

Encourage mothers to go for routine check-ups every year; ensure that if they need spectacles they are of the correct power and the lens used is of high quality. Children play a big role in taking care of the mothers. There are many eye exercises which can help to keep the eyes healthy. If the mother is working and spending long hours in front of the laptop/desktop – ask her to relax her eye by looking into the distance every 20 minutes. She must also eat a healthy diet that consists of almonds and green leafy vegetables. Carrots are extremely good for the eyes. Make a salad for her that has all these ingredients.

There are also some genetic conditions that can affect the eyes. Such women must take proper care of their eyes.
(The author is Head Cornea, Dr Shroff Charity Eye Hospital)

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