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Employees aren’t just looking for digital solutions to help them successfully work from home, but to help them heal from home, too. 
Throughout the pandemic, consumers learned to prioritize their mental health and wellness, all from the comfort of their homes. In 2021, 24.5% of submitted insurance claims were for digital health and wellness perks and apps, according to HR tech company Compt, which reviewed over 100,000 claims. That commitment to self care is on track to keep pace through 2022. 
“The pandemic spurred an increased focus on the ongoing mental health crisis with demand for health and fitness apps increasing by 25% compared to 2019,” says Lexi Sydow, head of insights, digital insights platform “As employees return to the office, mobile enables consumers to practice meditation no matter their location.”
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In the U.S., the top three most-used mental health apps throughout the pandemic were Calm, Headspace and Reflectly, according to Combined, the three apps reached 12.53 million downloads across iOS and Google Play in the first six months of 2020 alone. 
Different generations were on the search for different kinds of support and results, the data found. Gen Z more frequently downloaded apps tailored to journaling or reflection, while millennials favored solutions that took a more hands-on approach, such as breathing exercises and apps geared towards nurturing relationships. Baby Boomers, on the other hand, prioritized relaxation and sleep-focused apps. 
Below, ranked the top health and wellness apps by the number of downloads across the U.S. See if your favorite made the list:


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