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Wednesday, 07 September
11h ago
Supermodel model Kate Moss has officially entered the wellness market with her new brand, Cosmoss.

Chatting to Vogue UK, Moss said the new wellness brand was inspired by her spiritual journey, which involved working with Victoria Young, a homoeopath and “spiritual guide” who now consults on Cosmoss.
Launched on 1 September, the website describes the brand as “soulful, sensual, self-aware” and draws on the extraordinary life experience of Moss who’s taken her journey of transformation gradually and privately.
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According to Vogue magazine, the collection is “carefully curated to treat both inside and out”. The line currently features two mood-boosting teas – an energising blend for dawn that was inspired by Moss’s English garden and a calming one for dusk. At £20.00 (R398) for 20 tea bags, the Dawn Ritual tea contains star ingredients such as hibiscus, rosemary and nettle leaf, which Cosmoss says energises and strengthens the body. 
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Studies have shown that consuming hibiscus tea can benefit heart health and lower blood pressure in people at high risk of hypertension, while limited research suggests consuming and inhaling compounds in rosemary may reduce anxiety, boost mood, and improve concentration and memory, Healthline notes
Cosmoss also includes a face cream and cleanser, pro-collagen oil, a Sacred Mist fragrance, and a rich antioxidant oil called Golden Nectar. The website reads:
The vegan skincare products contain moss extract that combines three wild Icelandic plants (lichen, moss and fern) to nourish and hydrate the skin, as well as bakuchiol, a plant-based alternative to retinol. 

Moss has previously spoken about her relationship with wellness, which included practising daily yoga and frequenting TheLifeCo Bodrum, a wellbeing and detox retreat. She also told the Guardian she enjoys juicing. 
The pop culture icon explained to Harper’s Bazaar that she “[goes] out into the field and meditates sometimes early in the morning before the world is awake.”
At 48, Moss told Vogue she feels like she is “in flow” at this point in her life. The former runway goddess said she used the self-help tome, the Big Book, which presents the famous 12-step recovery programme, to “fix” herself and work on her shortcomings.
As News24 previously explained, the global wellness market was estimated at more than $1.5 trillion in 2021 by McKinsey. Luxury department group in the UK, Selfridges, noted that sales of supplements, superfoods and ingestibles were up almost 125% since 2021 and almost 700% compared with pre-pandemic levels, the Guardian reported.

Moss is the latest celebrity to join a list of others who have stepped into the lucrative wellness business. Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop, which was launched in 2008 from her kitchen as a homespun weekly newsletter, has since grown into a business valued at more than $250 million.
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Jessica Alba’s The Honest Company, which includes immune-boosting supplements “made simple”, was valued at roughly $550 million in May 2021, as per CNBC. “Health and wellness are a universal foundation for a life well-lived, and I believe it’s our responsibility to leave the world better than when we found it. We care about all people and the planet,” says Alba.
Lavinia Fasano, a foresight analyst at the Future Laboratory, told the Guardian that public figures are increasingly tapping into a concept labelled “enlightened states”, whereby consumers are pivoting towards personal transformation and introspection. 
“They are looking for brands that can ground and reorient them in this incredibly frantic and fast-changing world. It’s learning about yourself and how these products can be tools for that,” said Fasano.
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Earlier this year, Moss told the BBC’s Desert Island Discs that she was “not into being out of control anymore.” Moss has been sober since 2017.
Fasano said Moss’s narrative has a level of imperfection that makes her new brand compelling. “We are getting tired of the perfect wellness narrative, the fact she is able to weave in that narrative of self-discovery and transformation is a key component of her strategy,” she said.

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