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in International Shipping News 20/12/2021
Digital learning and human capital management software provider Mintra and Future Care, An International SOS Company, have strengthened their support to the maritime industry by forming a strategic partnership. The partners will enhance services for clients, working together to identify areas for innovation and further collaboration.
While Mintra has expertise in the sector as a provider of safety-critical elearning and crew management software, Future Care provides a range of shoreside and onboard medical services, including telemedical support to thousands of vessels that operate without an onboard physician.
Both companies have a similar philosophy and values and believe in promoting safer shipping through their combined global networks.
Jorunn Eldøy, team lead maritime at Mintra, said there were many opportunities for cross-collaboration, with the safety of people while they are at work being at the heart of both operations.
She added: “Mintra provides training in the technical and soft skills that are so important in keeping seafarers safe, competent and compliant. Future Care’s health services, both at sea and shoreside, ensure seafarers receive a treatment plan and high-quality care in the event of injury or illness.
“We are a strong advocate of the partnership approach. Mintra truly believes that co-operation and working with others who share commonalities, values and goals helps to deliver the best possible solutions for our clients.”
Future Care has over 20 years of medical management and cost containment expertise within the maritime sector. It is operated by International SOS, which has a very long-standing association with Mintra.
The company provides a range of services, including 24/7 response, medical advice to the ship’s captain or medical officer, shoreside assistance from by a network of over 91,000 approved and audited medical providers, treatment plans to help seafarers return to health and duty, as well as cost containment services.
Christina DeSimone, CEO and Founder of Future Care, added: “Our two businesses are essential in keeping seafarers safe and helping shipping companies fulfil their Duty of Care requirements. We are thrilled to work with Mintra and look forward to identifying new ways to advance safe shipping together.”
Earlier this year, Mintra extended its maritime-specific elearning library and carried out improvements to its Trainingportal Offline learning and competency management system – a platform built specifically for the challenges of remote locations such as ships with limited or no internet connectivity.
Source: Mintra


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