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May 03, 2022, 09:37 ET
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DENVER, May 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Mindful Mamas, awarded Best in Pregnancy 2021 by Healthline Parenthood, is an app founded by licensed psychologist Terra LaRock. It currently serves mothers in over 50 countries (iOS + Android) and offers accessible, evidenced-based mindfulness and meditation practices for every stage of motherhood— trying to conceive through empty nesting. 84% of mothers self-report feeling better or much better after completing a practice.
Today, they expand these features to include a new series entitled ‘Pep Talks: Soulful Guidance from Women Around the World.’ Each 5- 8 minute pep talk is curated from women around the world and aimed at normalizing the realities of motherhood and changing the social expectations from what mothers need to DO to "be a good mom" to how they want to BE in motherhood (and life). 
It is no secret that motherhood is challenging. And while stress and frustration are expected, Harvard’s Making Caring Common study points out that "36% of all Americans—including 61% of young adults and 51% of mothers with young children—feel "serious loneliness." The report also explores … the potentially steep costs of loneliness, including early mortality and a wide array of serious physical and emotional problems, including depression, anxiety, heart disease, substance abuse, and domestic abuse."
LaRock has designed Mindful Mamas as a reparative app for all mothers, and she views the new Pep Talks series as a key component. She notes, "Mothers feel intense pressure, and they often second guess themselves and the choices they make for their families. My hope is that hearing stories from other mothers around the world will help them to feel less alone and remind them that they are doing a good job." 
Those stories launch today. The first episode is written and narrated by Sarah Wynter, who has recently signed on to be a Strategic Advisor for Mindful Mamas. Sarah is an actress, executive producer, and mental health advocate who recently went public with her experience with postpartum psychosis. She states, "I’m honored to announce that I am joining forces with Mindful Mamas as a Strategic Advisor. I believe that Mindful Mamas is the heartbeat of motherhood and a tool and community that I so desperately needed when I became a mother. Maternal mental health matters. I am proud to be the first Pep Talks narrator to share, encourage and let every mother know that they are not alone." 
Other May pep talk guests include a mix of thought leaders like Casey Goode, AKA Quigley, influencer and former American Idol contestant, Blessing Adesiyan, Mother Honestly founder and CEO who is transforming the future of women and families at home and in the workplace, and healthcare professionals who have deep experience in women’s mental health. 
In addition, 5% of proceeds in May will go to Postpartum Support International, a non-profit organization that is dedicated to helping families suffering from postpartum depression, anxiety, and distress. 
About Mindful Mamas: 
Mindful Mamas is a maternal wellness company dedicated to creating happy, healthy, and thriving mothers worldwide. The Mindful Mamas mobile app for iOS and Android offers daily encouragement and teaches moms and moms-to-be how to thrive in motherhood (and life) using mindfulness and self-care practices. Mindful Mamas launched their app in March 2020 and is based in Denver. For more information on Mindful Mamas, visit www.mindfulmamasapp.com, and follow Mindful Mamas on Instagram @mindfulmamasclub.
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