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MACOMB – Memorial Hospital’s Annual Employee Wellness Program seeks to provide resources and engagement that benefit the health of all Memorial Hospital, Memorial Medical Clinics, and Hancock Village staff members.
In 2021, Memorial Hospital invested over $20,000 to provide staff with mental, physical, and emotional health resources and outreach.
Memorial Hospital’s Executive Director of Community Health and Wellness, and Employee Wellness Program Director, Ashlyn Housewright, states, “The COVID-19 pandemic continues to wear on our staff, both physically and mentally. As a wellness committee, we knew that in 2021, we needed to expand and offer even more through the wellness program to support our team.”
Therefore, the Wellness Program increased cash payouts for staff members who participated in wellness challenges. These challenges include “Destination Fit” walking programs, participation in fitness classes, mental health outreach, nutritional education and challenges, and more. Employees also had the opportunity to be rewarded for attending physician appointments and completing complementary lab tests that screened for lipid and A1C level abnormalities. By participating in the outreach offered, each team member had the opportunity to collect up to $110 at the end of the year, as well as benefit from a variety of other prizes, incentives, and giveaways.
Housewright stated, “This program not only addresses and improves the health of our team but also provides much-needed morale boosts throughout the year, as our team participates in and looks forward to each challenge and prize drawing.”
In addition to cash rewards, the wellness committee also purchased requested items for Memorial Hospital, Memorial Medical Clinic, and Hancock Village. These items include: therapeutic chair massagers, desk foot peddlers, stand-up desks, air popcorn makers, self-care items, take and bake meals, and more.
Memorial Hospital is incredibly proud to offer this substantial and vast program to support its team and looks forward to improving and expanding the Wellness Program even more in 2022.


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