Medical Tourism Rebounds With Thai Travel Revival, Covid Lessons – Bloomberg

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Nigeria Must Solve Forex Shortage to Improve Rating, Fitch Says
Target Cuts Outlook, Misses Big on Profit as Its Shoppers Retrench
ECB’s Muller Says Another ‘Substantial’ Hike Needed in December
ECB’s Guindos Expects ‘Sizable’ Repayments of Long-Term Loans
ECB Warns Record Inflation Spells Trouble for Banks, States
Inflation Has Silver Lining for Premier Foods as Britons Eat In
Panasonic CTO Says Second Battery Plant Would Probably Be in US
Tencent to Distribute $20 Billion Meituan Stake as Dividend
IPhone Pro Output Estimates Cut by Morgan Stanley After Lockdown
First UK Spaceport Wins License As Branson Plans Rocket Launch
NATO Says Explosion in Poland Likely Due to Ukraine Air Defense
Xi Looks Away From Putin Toward West in Return to World Stage
The Secret Agent: Americans in Notting Hill
Pay Me in Dollars: UK Employees Hit by Pound Weakness
Federer-Backed Shoemaker Plans to Double Down on Tennis
Fan the Flames of Dinner Party Excess With These Candles and Holders
Auto Industry Is the Economy’s Best Hope Right Now
Tom Ford Is Now Estee Lauder’s Big Fashion Challenge
A Rocket Just Made China’s Juggling Act Even Trickier
North America’s EV Future Hinges on a North Carolina Turtle Pond
FTX Was an Empty Black Box All Along
Google’s Moonshot Lab Is Now in the Strawberry-Counting Business
Georgia’s Six-Week Abortion Ban Is Invalid, State Trial Court Rules
Microsoft to Adopt New Sexual Harassment Policies After Gates, Misconduct Audit
Germany Windfall Tax Would Hurt Renewables in Short Term, Study Says
Ukraine War, Climate Funds on Ramaphosa’s UK State Visit Agenda
Richest South African City Seeks Private Power to Cut Blackouts
Taxi Fares Are Going Up 23% in New York City
Texas Governor Abbott Raised $400,000 to Bus Migrants to Democratic Cities
Assessing the BITO ETF One Year In
FTX Bahamas Unit Files for Chapter 15 Bankruptcy in New York
Before the Blowup, Wall Street Heavyweights Went to Bat for FTX


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