March 2 recognized as World Teen Mental Wellness Day – KAIT

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TRUMANN, Ark. (KAIT) – March 2nd is recognized as World Teen Mental Wellness Day.
World Teen Mental Wellness Day spotlights the challenges teenagers face with their mental health regularly, including pressures from social media and the pandemic.
Dr. Dana Watson, a clinical psychologist with Families, Inc. in Trumann, said good mental health in teenagers starts with casual conversations.
“Just having those conversations is a wonderful thing to implement in your home,” Dr. Watson said. “There’s really no time that’s too early as long as it’s age-appropriate.”
Dr. Watson added good mental health improves healthy decision-making in teens.
As people are trying to live with the pandemic, the clinical psychologist reminds people to ease back into a sense of normalcy.
“We all need to reset and remind ourselves that this is our new normal,” she said. “It may not be the last pandemic that we face.”
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