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• The publication has funded a surfing experience program for at-risk young people
Man of Many has announced its partnership with Waves of Wellness (WOW) Foundation, an Australian mental health surf therapy charity.
The new partnership will see the men’s lifestyle publication support WOW in its sustained efforts to change lives through innovative support programs for people experiencing mental health challenges.
Surf therapy is a recognised mental and physical health intervention and WOW’s programs are facilitated by mental health clinicians who are also trained learn-to-surf instructors.
Man of Many has funded a WOW surfing experience program for at-risk young people in the Central Coast of NSW which kicks off this month. Participants in this program are students experiencing anxiety and stress, and have been identified as requiring extra levels of support. They may have experienced bullying, gender identity crisis, have complex neurological developmental factors, or come from out-of-home care or service-led environments.
Through WOW, the students will participate in an evidence-based, eight-week learn-to-surf program that facilitates functional recovery, while promoting social inclusion, engagement and enhanced quality of life. Each week, the program addresses a different mental health theme, allowing participants to learn new skills and strategies through lived experience storytelling and connection with like-minded individuals.
Waves of Wellness Beach
WOW national program director, Heather Lynn said: “We know many have been doing it tough – navigating mental health challenges amongst everything else that has been happening over the last couple of years. With most mental health issues developing before the age of 25, at WOW, we have been hearing just how challenging it can be for young people, especially as of late.
“With the valued support of Man of Many, we are pleased to be able to offer young people on the Central Coast our clinical Surfing Experience program to support mental health, facilitate social connections, improve overall wellbeing, and enhance coping strategies for challenging times. This opportunity will make such a big difference in young people’s lives, and we are inspired by Man of Many’s focus in this area,” she added.
The announcement of the new partnership with WOW follows a series of recent initiatives implemented by Man of Many to champion social issues. In 2021, the men’s lifestyle publisher launched the Mental Health Hub, providing evidence-backed solutions for dealing with stress and anxiety, alongside a new content stream focused on positive impact news stories.
Co-founder of Man of Many, Frank Arthur said: “We’re so proud to support young people at a critical point in their lives when addressing mental health challenges can be truly transformative. We’re impressed by Waves of Wellness Foundation’s innovative approach to mental health care that combines community, nature and movement.
“It’s such an engaging and accessible mode of therapy that equips participants with the tools to help them navigate mental health issues now and in the future,” he added.
Man of Many
Man of Many also recently reaffirmed its company purpose, mission and values. An outcome of this exercise was a renewed emphasis on making positive investments in the community. As a result, Man of Many has made a commitment to significantly raise its environmental, social, and governance standards through active involvement in initiatives that affect real change.
“In digital media, success is typically defined by clicks and revenue, however at Man of Many, positive social impact is another measure of success baked into our company culture,” Arthur said.
In other efforts to further solidify Man of Many’s ESG standards, the company is currently in the final stages of its carbon neutral certification under the Commonwealth Government’s Climate Active Standard.

Top image left and right: Man of Many co-founders Scott Purcell and Frank Arthur


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