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Los Angeles, Dec. 06, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Spectrum Medical Group of Los Angeles California has just announced that it's now offering PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) treatments to those in their area of the city. It’s another treatment that this reputable medical group offers that help make it easy for their patients to get closer to achieving optimal overall health. Dr. Adam Nia, the founder, and CEO of Spectrum Medical Group says, “We believe in providing compassionate and expert care in an attempt to have our patients one day wake up pain-free. This is not only a goal of all of us here at the Spectrum Medical Group but something that we are very passionate about. That’s why we offer such a wide variety of treatments that may help address our patients’ bodily pain issues. Now we have added unique and innovative Platelet Rich Plasma therapy into our mix of treatments that may help a patients’ overall wellbeing.”
Dr. Nia went on to talk more about what PRP is and what the doctors at the medical group hope to accomplish by administering it to their patients. He said that Platelet Rich Plasma therapy has become a hot topic in both medical and cosmetic circles because of all of the different bodily applications that it can be used for. This includes the possibility that it may help patients recover from everything from alopecia (a form of balding) to the effects of painful surgeries. The medical group’s founder and CEO stated that it is another of their many holistic treatments which aim to treat the whole body, including the mind, spirit, and emotions, to help a patient work towards optimal health and wellness. It’s a treatment that involves administering super concentrated platelet doses that often compliment some of their other procedures and it's also used to address specific localized chronic pain issues. He also discussed who should seek out this type of treatment. Something that includes those that are suffering from chronic pain due to injuries in often used areas of the body such as the shoulders, knees, and rotator cuff. Cosmetically it’s used for such purposes as being a non-invasive treatment that attempts to remedy several different types of baldness. Dr. Nia stated that they are always prepared to go over with a patient how their PRP in Los Angeles services might benefit them. It was also mentioned that Platelet Rich Plasma therapy has become a recognized and trusted form of therapy not only in the United States but also within the entire worldwide holistic medical community.
The medical group’s founder and CEO also described how this treatment is administered. It begins by taking a small blood sample from the patient and spinning it in a centrifuge to isolate the platelets. These platelets are then injected into the patient’s pain areas along with local anesthesia. This is done with the hope that the treatment will stimulate the body’s natural healing process. Mild to minimal pain for the patient is sometimes felt for up to two weeks after the procedure. He mentioned that this procedure is thought to work because platelets play an integral role in the body’s ability to heal itself. The injection site will then often produce collagen that when it matures may have the ability to reinforce the tendons, ligaments, blood vessels, and bones in the injection area. Some of the bodily issues that the treatment may help with include sciatica, joint arthritis, chronic tendonitis, ligament sprains, muscle tears, carpal tunnel syndrome, facet joint injuries, and fractures. If the treatment does take effect, patients will usually start to notice an improvement to their condition within two to six weeks of getting the PRP injection. Platelet Rich Plasma therapy has the potential to become a nice alternative to medications, physical therapy, and cortisone shots for patients seeking pain relief.
Those that would like more information on the PRP treatments and the other holistic health-related services that this chiropractor in Los Angeles offers can contact the Spectrum Medical Group by phone, email, or by sending in the form that’s found on their website.
For more information about Spectrum Medical Group, contact the company here:

Spectrum Medical Group
Dr. Amin Nia
(323) 606-7679
5211 E. Washington #18
Los Angeles, CA 90040

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