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Aug 10, 2022, 10:12 ET
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Led by women’s health activist Chelsea Leyland and former healthcare investment banker Tatiana Steel
NEW YORK, Aug. 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Looni, the new women’s health company, is pleased to announce the launch of its first menstrual-health product, Balance Beam Mood Complex, available online at looni.co.
With presence in New York and Los Angeles Looni is founded by Chelsea Leyland, acclaimed DJ, epilepsy, endometriosis and plant medicine activist, and Tatiana Steel, who formerly worked across Goldman Sachs’ consumer, retail, and healthcare investment banking groups.

"We identified a strong need for research-backed solutions and education in the menstrual wellness space, alongside a team that was not afraid to tackle outdated taboos," says Looni co-founder Chelsea Leyland.

When your hormones are balanced, you experience fewer mood swings, cravings and overall irritability—so, Looni is launching with a daily supplement, Balance Beam Mood Complex, that supports hormone and neurotransmitter balance with a select blend of concentrated bioavailable vitamins, minerals, nootropics and adaptogens to help stabilize mood. Looni’s Balance Beam Mood Complex retails for $39.99 and includes a 30-day supply.
"Looni is needed now more than ever," says Looni co-founder Tatiana Steel. "After more than 70 years of pharmaceutical solutions that do not address the root causes of menstrual discomforts, today’s women deserve better, more thoughtful solutions. It is time for the products and research being done within the category to be led by those actually experiencing these issues—those who menstruate. At Looni, we aim to help every woman looking to garner body literacy and unlock their full potential. We wake up excited to fight for this mission every day."
With both a conventional and holistic approach to product development, all Looni products are formulated alongside their world-renowned medical advisory team that includes Dr. Stephanie Colantonio, Dr. Jaclyn Tolentino, Dr. Lauren Schultz, Dr. Felice Gersh, and Associate Professor Susan Evans.
"People who menstruate deserve better healthcare," says board-certified physician, Dr. Stepanie Colantonio. "Our monthly rhythm makes life possible, yet this gift causes many of us real discomfort. Historically, treatments have been limited to hormonal contraception, pain relievers, or surgeries.  When I learned that Chelsea and Tatiana were birthing Looni, I was thrilled to support their mission to nurture the menstrual cycle – a deeply shared goal of my own."
"Society has normalized discomfort for women when it comes to their periods," says Chelsea. "Periods shouldn’t be painful—if you’re experiencing intense lows, cravings or pain it’s likely worth exploring and that’s where Looni can help. The cycle itself isn’t the problem, instead, it’s a doorway to revealing a problem."
Alongside their products, Looni also aims to act as a platform for more accessible conversation around body literacy and the things that women experience—topics include pregnancy loss, endometriosis, vaginal discharge, sex on your period, and more. Looni welcomes all to join their community and to take part in the conversation through the group based messaging app, Geneva, and by following them on their Instagram channel @my.looni.
About Looni
Looni believes in menstrual literacy and autonomy—the menstrual cycle is a valuable guide to our overall health and wellbeing and Looni provides the tools and knowledge for people to become intimate with their natural rhythms. Looni has created a suite of products targeting menstrual discomfort, such as mood instability and breast tenderness. Looni’s products are formulated and researched with a female team of specialized medical advisors—bring together conventional and holistic perspectives for products that work in sync with our menstrual cycles.
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