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ROANOKE, Va. (WFXR) — The Local Office on Aging held a grand opening on Tuesday for its new Center for Health and Wellness. The Office plans on using the center to expand programs for seniors, especially food and socialization programs.
The facility is located on Frontage Rd. NW — near their headquarters — where one of its biggest missions is the Meals on Wheels program. Director of Nutrition Programs for LOA, Michele Daley says they are seeing an increase in their Meals on Wheels applicants, which provides meals for residents who are homebound.
“They also are being impacted by the food prices that are going up. So were seeing more people needing to get food from us,” Daley said.
Daley says LOA also has a food box program with 48 applicants on its waitlist. She says the service is crucial.
President and CEO of LOA, Ron Boyd says plenty of seniors have also been dealing with isolation bought on by the pandemic.
“With seniors living longer and the shift in aging demographics in our area — and especially the pandemic — it put a spotlight on social isolation, the negative affects, detrimental effects of the social determinants of health,” said Boyd.
The new location will also serve as a meeting place for the Star City Diners group that allows seniors to dine in and interact with one another. They meet on Thursdays from 10 a.m. to 12 noon. The LOA also offers care coordination and health programs.
Leaders like Virginia State Delegate, Sam Rasoul attended the ribbon cutting to emphasize the importance of keeping seniors healthy. He praised the organization for being wellness based.
“We have had a sickness-based health care model for way too long and not enough focus on wellness and how can we keep people safe in their homes where they want to be,” Rasoul said.
They also buried a time capsule in front of the building marking 50 years of operation. The capsule included an LOA facemask, a signed copy of the book ‘Dopesick’ by Beth Macy, and some photos of this year’s events.
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