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by beth on January 19, 2022
Above: The Library’s virtual Wellness workshops led by Jill Vroman resume next month.
The Southborough Library and Jill Vroman Fitness & Wellness are continuing to partner on offering free, virtual Wellness workshops to the community. Vroman is a personal trainer/health advocate and Southborough resident/business owner who has been regularly offering the free virtual sessions through the Library since July.
The Library is promoting the Spring series, but it resumes in early February. The sessions are on Mondays, mostly evenings.
While the workshops are free, pre-registration is required through Southborough Recreation’s website. The next four coming up are:
Spring wellness flyerStress Reduction & Mindfulness
Monday, February 7 — 7:00 – 8:00 pm
Are you still carrying all that stress from 2021? Can you feel the weight of the stress on your body? The physical sensations of stress are cumulative. Learn how to get stress out of your body as tools you can use daily to reduce stress with Jill. Participants will learn how best to manage the inevitable stress and challenges of day-to-day life through proven mindfulness techniques. (Click here to register)
Ten Habits to Thrive
Monday, March 7 — 7:00 – 8:00 pm
Are you pushing or are you pulling? No pain no gain is a self-fulfilling prophecy from your saboteurs. The path to success can be use and flow. Join me to learn 10 habits to thrive by changing your habits and life! Now it is your turn to learn how to change your health and life! (Click here to register)
Spring Heathy Eating
Monday, April 4 — 4:00 – 5:00 pm
Eat what is in season and your body will thank you! Have a laugh with Jill and Todd Vroman and cook seasonal foods that will help with digestion, improve your gut biome and have fun. Foodie questions, ask Todd. Health questions, Jill’s your girl. Spring is a great time for renewal and change, especially with your nutritional habits. (Click here to register)
Mental Fitness
Monday, May 2 — 7:00 – 8:00 pm
How is your capacity to deal with life challenges? When we improve our mental fitness, we improve our peak performance, healthy relationships and complete health. Learn how you sabotage yourself daily and how it is possible to correct it… yes, even at your age in order to take care of your emotional health and brain to reach your full potential. (Click here to register)
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