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| Source: Lenica Research Group Lenica Research Group
Edmonton, Alberta, CANADA
EDMONTON, Alberta, June 27, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Lenica Research Group is pleased to announce the launch of a new strategic partnership with Allegori, a pioneering neuroscience innovation company based in Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago.

“We’re very pleased that Allegori chose Lenica as the data solutions provider for its market-leading Allegori Online platform, which helps clients improve their cognitive performance and overcome mental health challenges such as anxiety,” said Simba Nyazika, CEO of Lenica, an Edmonton-based neurotechnology development firm focused on the healthcare and sports performance markets.
Allegori’s clients access a company web portal and use specially designed headsets that employ EEG (electroencephalogram) technology to measure and record electrical activity in the brain. Allegori then collects and assesses a complex array of neural data for each client to customize its intensive online mindfulness training and cognitive therapy sessions.
“We’ve proven that our program works, and boosts our clients’ productivity significantly,” said Kheston Walkings, founder and CEO of Allegori. “By integrating our EEG headsets with Lenica’s Peak Health platform, we can access a much broader range of diagnostic and analytical tools including detailed biometric feedback.”
By providing access to its back-end infrastructure, Lenica aims to provide a ‘plug and play’ option to organizations like Allegori that offer cognitive training and assessment but lack their own data integration platforms.
“This is the first of several key alliances we expect to unveil as Lenica expands the reach of its virtual cognitive therapeutic healthcare platform to promote better brain health and enhanced precision mindfulness,” said Nyazika.
“In the past few years, we’ve done a lot of cognitive training and assessment using VR (Virtual Reality) technology as our primary offering. We’re still doing that but we now see our data integration back end as our lead product offering, allowing us to integrate it with third-party consumer devices such as Apple Watch. We expect this to unlock an unlimited stream of cross-collaboration opportunities for us,” he added.
About Lenica Research Group: https://www.lenica.ca/
Lenica Research Group is an Edmonton-based neurotechnology development firm that is focused on the sports performance and healthcare markets. Its collaborative team of researchers, healthcare professionals and technology experts design innovative tools to improve brain function, enhance athletic performance, and treat such conditions as dementia and stroke.
About Allegori: https://www.allegori.org/
Allegori is a Trinidad and Tobago-based neuroinnovation company that is focused on human peak performance and neuro training technology in such sectors as sports, education, mental health and oil and gas. Allegori has served nearly 800 clients in eight countries, including Australian resources giant BHP and Guardian Group, the largest insurer in the Caribbean.
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