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Jan 11, 2022, 15:52 ET
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NEW YORK, Jan. 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — When it comes to finding the right products to boost skin barrier strength, Kiehl’s #1 worldwide best seller, Ultra Facial Cream, reigns supreme amongst other tried and true moisturizers. With over 40 million jars sold worldwide, Ultra Facial Cream is clinically tested to boost skin barrier strength by 47.9% whilst providing the skin with 24hr hydration – even in extreme climate conditions.
Channeling the same hydration power of Ultra Facial Cream, Kiehl’s is proud to introduce the new Ultra Facial Overnight Hydrating Face Mask with 10.5% Squalane – a multi-use mask that helps to deeply nourish and stabilize skin’s barrier by reducing moisture loss overnight for refreshed skin by morning. This ultra-restorative overnight face mask helps prevent dryness for up to three days, helping to treat particularly dehydrated, flaky, and tight skin.
Kiehl’s Global Scientific Director, Dr. Nancy Ilaya, PhD., explains, "The skin can experience up to 93% more water loss at night 1. This is because when our bodies are asleep, our skin tends to produce less sebum/oil than is needed to maintain adequate hydration, and therefore we experience more trans epidermal water loss or ‘TEWL,’ which is loss of water through the skin. Ultra Facial Overnight Hydrating Face Mask was specially formulated to help minimize overnight water loss by flooding the skin with nourishing hydration to supplement moisture that may be lost during sleep. The formula helps to maintain adequate hydration through the night and reveal supple, healthy looking skin by morning."  The mask’s transformative balm-to-oil texture contains 10.5% plant-derived squalane, and signature Ultra Facial ingredient, glacial glyco-protein, that within the formula, work to attract and lock in moisture, helping to reduce visible dryness and hydrate skin for up to 3 days with a single use.
Newly re-packaged in a 100% PCR jar2, Ultra Facial Overnight Hydrating Face Mask can be applied in a variety of ways to best suit every skin type. For deep moisture replenishment and skin barrier strengthening, the mask can be used all over the face as an overnight mask treatment or applied to specific problem areas that tend to experience more dryness. The formula can also be applied as a 15-minute tissue-off treatment, or used even as a cleansing balm to gently melt away makeup and residue from the face while leaving the skin feeling clean and hydrated.
Ingredients For Skin Barrier Strength
The skin barrier is the outermost layer of the skin that helps retain moisture and defend against external aggressors, such as pollution and environmental debris. When the skin barrier is intact, it’s responsible for maintaining skin moisture, softness, suppleness and overall healthy appearance. A disrupted skin barrier has a weakened protective function and cannot adequately maintain hydration and skin health. This can lead to dryness, dullness and sensitized skin.
Plant-derived Squalane : A naturally derived3 skin emollient, when incorporated in our formula, helps to deeply hydrate and strengthen the skin’s moisture barrier, making skin feel supple and soft. 
Glacial Glycoprotein: Often described as a water magnet, this wholly renewable, naturally-derived protein adapts to extreme environments. Blended into the mask, it helps draw water into the skin to optimize hydration levels.
Available January 3rd at Kiehl’s stores and $40 for 100g.
1Yosipovitch, G., et al. J. Investig. Dermatol. Vol. 110, Iss. 1, Jan 1998, 20-23. *Based on difference between TEWL peak and trough reported in Yosipovitch, G., et al.
2100% PCR Jar, excluding the cap
3We consider ingredients to be naturally derived if they retain more than 50% of their molecular structure after being processed from a natural source.
SOURCE Kiehl’s Since 1851
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