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INSANGA, the world's first original bamboo salt manufacturer since 1987, is now shipping its brand product K-Lava Bamboo salt worldwide.

K-Lava Salt is popular for its variety of health advantages. After seeing tremendous success in South Korea, K-Lava Salt is now available throughout the globe.
With 55 minerals and a unique lava melting process at 3092 Fahrenheit degrees, K-Lava Salt provides massive benefits and advantages to health, such as :
– 55 Essential mineral supply to the body.
– Making acidic foods and drinks alkaline and more neutral.
– It has an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effect
– Helps clean the blood and speed up the metabolism
– Helps keep the pH level of the body stable.
– Helps detoxify the body and protect cells from free radicals and much more.
Besides using K-lava Salt for cooking, it is also well-known to be used as curing mouth disease. By mixing three teaspoons of K-Lava salt with four ounces (120 milliliters) of water, one can make bamboo saltwater mouthwash and gargle with it.
K-Lava salt with various health benefits and antioxidant effects, INSANGA provides a number of exceptional care & beauty products produced with this high-quality K-Lava bamboo salt, including toothpaste, scalp scalers, shampoos, conditioners, soaps, and a great deal more.
One of the popular products of K-Lava Salt is Bamboo salt toothpaste which comes with multiple advantages as well.
Bamboo salt toothpaste can be applied to sore or bleeding gums as a mild antiseptic. Common ailments, including sinusitis, migraines, and periodontal disease, can be prevented by using this daily. Bamboo salt toothpaste is a mild antimicrobial for people with bleeding or sore gums.
Additionally, K-Lava Bamboo toothpaste can clean and revitalizes the mouth while eliminating the microorganisms that cause bad breath.
There have been studies on the remineralization effect of bamboo salt, especially on early caries enamel teeth.
As people are becoming more and more health conscious than in eras past, K-Lava Salt has superior potency that can be measured by its content of therapeutic trace minerals, and the level of antioxidants. This super-salt is a perfect use for those who have a health issue.
Yoonse Kim, CEO of Insanga is the brainchild of Dr. Insan Ilhoon Kim, who first invented this bamboo salt prescription to help poor families who couldn’t afford to visit doctors, at no cost.
Speaking to the media, Yoonse Kim said “Once people learn about Insanga, most of them turn to become our fans. It was the word-of-mouth publicity that made Insanga as great as it is today. Following the exact prescription of Dr. Insan Ilhoon Kim, we produce every product with honesty.”
To learn more visit the official website of K-Lava Salt.
Users can enjoy a $3 discount when they subscribe to a health newsletter and also can win up to a $20 coupon on purchases.
Some countries might be under preparation to ship so contact us before placing an order.
For contact: [email protected]
For updates, follow them on Facebook.
INSAN Inc., which does business as INSANGA, was the first company in the world to start making "bamboo salt" in 1987. Dr Insan has started "Save the World by Saving People" which is a very important idea to INSANGA.
Contact Info:
Name: Yoonse Kim
Email: Send Email
Organization: Insan Inc
Website: https://k-lavasalt.com/

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