J INTS BIO successfully held two Korean Advisory Board Meetings for its Novel Oral 4th Generation EGFR TKI (JIN-A02) – PR Newswire

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Jun 10, 2022, 05:00 ET
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Members include the 10 leading NSCLC experts in Korea, discussing clinical design and R&D…
SEOUL, South Korea, June 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — J INTS BIO announced that it had conducted two Korean Advisory Board Meetings (ABM), first in December 2021 and the second in April this year for its novel orally administered 4th generation EGFR TKI ‘JIN-A02’.
The advisory committee is composed of 10 leading NSCLC experts in Korea who had an extended and in-depth discussion on the clinical development plans for ‘JIN-A02’ and the strategic objectives for the global phase 1/2 clinical trial planned for the end of this year.
The advisory committee members also responded positively to the preclinical results of ‘JIN-A02’ which was presented during the meeting. In vitro studies conducted showed strong inhibitory activities of ‘JIN-A02’ against NSCLC cancer cell-lines harboring double and triple mutations with C797S mutations. In particular, ‘JIN-A02 showed robust inhibition against double mutations (Ex19Del/C797S or L858R/C797S), which with the increasing use of 3rd generation EGFR-TKIs as First Line therapy worldwide, will soon become the dominant mutations leading to resistance and disease progression.
‘JIN-A02’ was also shown to effectively reduced tumor volume, in a dose-dependent manner and superior to Osimertinib, in mouse model harboring EGFR Ex19Del/T790M/C797S triple mutation cancers. And in mouse model with implanted intra-cranial tumor, ‘JIN-A02’ exhibited both high brain penetrance and efficacy in significantly reducing the intra-cranial tumor.
J INTS BIO is a bio company specialized in developing innovative anti-cancer and orphan drugs to realize the goal of changing lives and improving health for patients around the world. J INTS BIO’s teams have prior multi-year experience in multinational pharmaceutical companies and CROs and track records in medical, regulatory affairs, drug discovery and development.
About ‘JIN-A02’
‘JIN-A02’ is a novel orally administered 4th Generation EGFR TKI targeting C797S mutations in NSCLC. Although 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Generation EGFR TKIs have been used with some success, recurrence occurs in most patients including 3rd Generation TKIs such as Osimertinib. Currently, there are no approved therapies for patients who developed EGFR C797S mutations due to the use of 3rd Generation EGFR TKIs and with the high propensity of these cancers to metastasize to the brain, there is an urgent need to develop an effective drug with high blood-brain barrier permeability. ‘JIN-A02’, a novel oral EGFR TKI, which is effective against C797S mutations and have a high brain penetrance, is therefore expected to become the most promising Best-in-Class 4th-generation EGFR TKI in NSCLC patients with limited or no viable treatment options.
In relation to the launch of the advisory committee, Dr Anna Jo, CEO J INTS BIO, said: "Based on the expert opinions of prominent advisors and specialists in the field of NSCLC, we expect ‘JIN-A02’ to breathe new life into the treatment of NSCLC and bring hope to patients worldwide."
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