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Is Self- Care selfish?
There is an ongoing debate that focusing on yourself is selfish.
These days, there is more attention surrounding health and wellness and with that comes the concept of self-care. The spotlight is being shone on self-care because of the holistic advantages to be gained from this practice.
There is also the ongoing narrative that people need to be more selfish, with persons pledging selfishness as a New Year resolution.
Should people really focus on being more selfish? Well LOOP spoke with Wellness Coach Davina Baptiste of St. Kitts, who shared the professional opinion that self-care is not selfish.
“It can be easy to feel guilty or selfish when we spend time and energy focusing on ourselves. Still, it’s just as easy to feel as if a piece of ourselves is missing when we give all of what we have to the people around us, sparing nothing for ourselves, which leaves us feeling stressed and burned out,” she told Loop. “Focusing on yourself and your needs as an individual is not selfish; it’s essential to good physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health.”
Self-care, according to Davina is acknowledging and recognizing your emotions and building a routine that improves your mindset, energy levels, motivation levels, relationships, etc., and helps you better serve those around you because your cup is FULL.
Dissecting the word selfish, she said, “It’s defined as lacking consideration for others; concerned chiefly with one’s own personal profit or pleasure. This does not align with what self-care should set out to achieve. Practicing self-care means taking care of yourself while taking others into consideration as well. So in my eyes, self-care and being selfish are completely different things.”
The great thing about self-care is that while it offers many benefits, it does not refer to any one activity. Persons are encouraged to determine the activity that is right for them because “what works for one person will probably be different for someone else. “
Going into detail about what self-care entails, Davina told Loop self-care is more than bubble baths and facial masks. She explained, “Self-care can look like eating a nourishing diet, moving your body regularly, making time for your favorite hobbies, going out in nature, getting enough rest, prayer, meditation, and decluttering your space. It can also include some not so “Instagramable” things like setting boundaries and saying no. What self-care entails is deeply personal and unique to each individual.”
Self-care has been cited as one of the most effective ways to take back control and push the reset button.
Davina says a self-care routine can result in:
While there’s a plethora of benefits to be gained from adopting a selfcare routine, “like everything thing else in life, one must find balance because too much of anything, even self-care can become counterproductive.”
In St. Kitts and across the Caribbean, self-care has not always been a top priority for most. In recent years, more attention has been paid to these practices and as most persons equate self-care to a day at the spa, there are more of those types of businesses locally owned and otherwise popping up, ready to serve in that capacity.
“It’s very important not to get caught up in what the wellness industry, or what anyone else thinks self-care should be, because it’s a unique and personal journey,” she advised. “Each person should figure out what works for them and how often they do their desired self-care activities. It should be enjoyable, not something they dread, so persons should choose something they enjoy.”
Davina says despite that fact that more persons are embracing selfcare, the stigma of the selfishness of self-care still lingers “…but I don’t think that line of thought is limited to St. Kitts. I feel more young professionals are seeking better work-life balance in their lives to include some level of self-care in their routine.”
Professionals in the health and wellness industry are encouraged to continue to share the importance and benefits of finding time to practice self-care.
“Key influencers in the health and wellness industry can help destigmatize the ideas surrounding self-care equating to selfishness and share the message that it is necessary to lead a more balanced, happy, and fulfilling life.”
Self-care as defined by Coach Davina is any activity that you do deliberately to take care of your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health.
If you have ever thought that selfcare is just for one particular group of people, that is hardly the case. “Everyone should create a self-care routine that works for them because everyone needs to take care of themselves emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually.”

#GETTOKNOW Davina Baptiste
“I was born and raised in St. Kitts. My personal journey to wellness started in 2016. I was overweight most of my life and I was sick and tired of feeling and looking the way I did. I made the decision to do what I needed to heal my mind, body, and spirit. I shed over 50 pounds and kept it off. I balanced my hormones, shed old habits and negative thinking, and traded them for a more positive outlook on life. I now lead a balanced, healthy lifestyle that I love!
My journey has given me a love for the wellness of others and in 2020 I became a Certified Wellness Coach specializing in women’s health. I’ve helped dozens of women feel more vibrant and healthy and I look forward to being of service to many more. My hope is to help inspire others to become the very best version of themselves
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