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During Covid-19 pandemic, even women realised how important it is to have access to the internet and knowledge of it. (Representative image: Shutterstock)
INTERNATIONAL GIRLS IN ICT DAY 2022: Technology is a tool that makes a person walk along with the world. Technology is not just about using computers, it is more about learning the ways to use information sources to educate, learn, and be aware of ourselves to stand in the line with the other nations. Every year, to encourage equal participation in ICT technologies, International Girls in ICT Day is celebrated on April 28.
This year, let’s take a look at the journey of Indian girls getting on their feet with technology and how this day is even more important than ever now.
In India, due to the patriarchal system, girls have been exposed to education much later than boys. There were many reasons for the same including financial restrictions and the mentality that girls are for the home. However, with time things changed and society realised the importance of providing education to both the sects. While in many parts of the country, women are still not exposed to education and the work environment, the scenario of metropolitan cities serves as inspiration.
Meanwhile, girls have not been given access to technology yet. There are many grassroots beliefs that state that if a girl is being exposed to mobile phones and laptops, they might become rebellious and over-independent. Instead of looking at mobile phones as an empowering tool, girls have been restricted in their usage due to preconceived notions.
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The last two years have been very difficult for everyone. COVID-19 pandemic has put everyone behind closed doors with work, education and everything getting online. During this time, people realised the power of technology more than ever before. During this time, even women realised how important it is to have access to the internet and knowledge of it.
Without the use of mobile phones, women were far behind men in accessing health and employment information. The financial crisis made them realise the importance of having a side source of income, such as an online business.
According to International Telecommunication Union, during the COVID-19 pandemic, this has become more important than ever as if women and girls are given the power of the internet, then they get an opportunity to “start new businesses, sell products to new markets, find better paid jobs and access education as well as health and financial services.”
As per ITU’s data, since 2011, more than 3,62,000 girls and young women have celebrated more than 11,000 celebrations in 171 countries worldwide during the International Girls in ICT Day.
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