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Logan— Award-winning mental health and wellness provider Impact Suite has officially partnered with CryptoMories, an NFT project focused on mental health advocacy. CryptoMories will now provide access to Impact Suite’s self-care apps to U.S.-based holders, with services expanding worldwide in the future.
Launched in October 2021, the CryptoMories community of over 5,000 holders has formed close bonds of interpersonal support through social media platforms Discord and Twitter. Through their partnership with Impact Suite, the CryptoMories community will have individualized professional mental health support, including unlimited therapy sessions, available to them and their immediate families.
Project artist and founder, iwwon, says, “Improving the lives of the FaMorie is one of our top priorities. Mental health wellness is a core mission of the CryptoMories project, and providing access to therapy is just one of the many utilities to come for our community.”
Traditionally providing services through employer-based benefit programs, Impact Suite worked closely with the CryptoMories team to bring their evidence-based wellness tools to Web3. By pioneering this novel benefit, CryptoMories and Impact Suite hope to improve the lives of CryptoMories holders and set a new standard of Web3 real-world utility.
“We’re proud to be on the cutting edge of this new approach to providing mental health services,”’ says Clay Olsen, CEO of Impact Suite. “Our partnership with CryptoMories is revolutionary and we’re excited about the future.”
The iwwon family of NFT projects currently have P2E (Play to Earn) games in development which will benefit CryptoMories holders by earning social tokens. Having coined the term Play to Thrive, iwwon and the CryptoMories team hope to pioneer how Web3 gaming can be more than a game by funding life-changing utility.
Learn more about CryptoMories on their website and Twitter @CryptoMories. For more information on Impact Suite, visit
About Impact Suite
Thousands of studies show that key risk factors known as social determinants of health matter when it comes to both physical and emotional wellness. However, these findings have not yet translated into most mental health interventions. Impact Suite provides science-based virtual treatment solutions for people facing mental health and addiction challenges, focusing on key improvements that have been proven to influence wellbeing. Through specialized lifestyle coaching, teletherapy, and award-winning wellness apps–Climb for personal growth, Lift for depression and anxiety, Turn for substance abuse recovery, and Fortify for sexual compulsivity–users receive real-time outcome data to track progress and success. A Certified B Corporation®, Impact Suite has helped hundreds of thousands of individuals in almost every country find deeper healing and recovery.


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