Hundreds Of Athletes Compete In Tulsa For USA Volleyball All-Star Championship – News On 6

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Players are hitting the court today for day one of the USA Volleyball All-Star Championship.
This is the second time for the tournament to be held in Tulsa bringing in thousands of people. Around 100 teams from across the country are competing for a championship title. The players range from age 14 to 19 and are selected from club volleyball teams in their region.
B.J. Evans with USA Volleyball said this is an opportunity to be noticed by college coaches. Across the hall, players in the Girls Pan American Cup are vying for a spot in the World Championship.
Evans said the girls are chosen as some of the tops, upcoming players in their countries.
“So, we have teams from the United States, Canada, Brazil, Peru and they are all competing against each other,” Evans said.
Each year the tournament is in a different city, but Evans said it’s always smooth sailing in Tulsa. Her organization works with Tulsa Sports Commission and the Convention and Visitors Bureau.
“They are so good to work with. They really help us make it an easy event for our competitors, there’s lots of hotel space, there’s restaurants so the key to having a good city is just having good people to work with and that’s what we found here,” Evans said.
Both championships are on Saturday. The Pan American Cup is free to watch and open to anyone.


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