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Benefits brokers, take notice: If you can offer a benefits package that includes a robust mental health component, human resources managers and employers want to talk to you.
That’s one of the takeaways from a recent study by Uprise Health. The company, which provides digitally-enabled EAP and mental health resources for employers, wanted to find out if employees were being connected with mental health services through their plans. A survey of 543 U.S.-based HR leaders at firms with 100 or more employees indicates they need help from their brokers, and their employers, to meet employee demand for such services.
The access issue is huge today due to the spike in demand for mental health treatment in the wake of the pandemic. Nearly half (43%) of respondents cited employee complaints related to finding services and getting appointments, even when such services were included in the benefits package. But a substantial number of employers (35%) don’t include any mental health and wellness benefits, the report said.
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