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No matter how we slice it, the return to in-person work can be stressful. Some companies are easing the transition with hybrid work environments. While this approach has some big benefits, challenges remain. In the face of high burnout and employee turnover rates, employee mental health needs to be a priority as the modern day workplace evolves.
Employees have sustained an enormous amount of change in both their personal and professional lives and need support as they continue to flex with hybrid work environments — many for the first time ever. One survey involving nearly 13,000 employees from 28 different countries found that 55% of employees experienced stress related to changes in their work routines during the pandemic. In some cases, working from home during a pandemic and fluctuating economy may have exacerbated existing struggles with depression, insomnia, alcoholism, obesity, smoking, and other health-related challenges. Others may be experiencing significant anxiety about an eventual return to the office.

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Dan Cook |
But the majority said their organizations were not prepared to take advantage of the currently existing data on such factors.
Mike Wilbert |
Businesses and their HR leaders understand this younger generation is critical to a thriving, fresh-thinking, ever-expanding operation.
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Researchers analyzed more than 100 studies about the search and matching process to learn about how workers and employers come together to create jobs.
White Paper
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A Measurement-Based Response to the Mental Health Crisis
Employers managing through the epidemic of mental health issues faced by their employees are actively seeking solutions that can provide access while also demonstrating health improvement at scale. Download this white paper and learn how you can help your clients achieve these urgent objectives.
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How to Support Your Employees: A Guide to the Mental Health Impact of Infertility for HR & People Leaders
While fertility coverage by employers continues to progress, the mental health support for individuals with this disease is still often overlooked. This guide will help HR leaders better understand how infertility affects the mental health of their workforce and how they can effectively support employees who may be impacted.
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White Paper
Sponsored by Crossover Health
Measuring Our Way to Well–A Measurement-Based Response to the Mental Health Crisis
An in-depth evaluation of the care model used in employer-sponsored health centers found that an evidence-based model yielded significantly better outcomes in fewer visits than other approaches. This white paper demonstrates how employers are using this model to improve employee mental health outcomes.
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