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With the new year upon us, now is a good time to recommit yourself to wellness. As a couple, it is a good time to make your own personal health, and the health of your relationship, a priority.
Sure, there is something to be said about the classic date combo of dinner and a movie. But making time together to do something good for your overall health can deepen your connection. When you’re ready to spend some time together connecting with yourselves and your health, try one of these places where you can create your own wellness retreat in Orlando.
More wellness-focused date ideas:
Have you been to the Hourglass District lately? This Orlando neighborhood continues to blossom and provides many activities for a DIY wellness retreat day. 
Begin at Peaceful Peacock with the Sunday Soul Flow class that starts at 9am. This is an hour-long class that is designed for beginners to advanced yogis alike. As the name of the class suggests, the instructor takes things very slow, moving intentionally through deep stretching, some balance poses and lots of breathing. The instructor of this class is usually Leah Webb, a friend of mine that I reached out to discuss how couples could build their own date day or retreat with Peaceful Peacock. Leah jumped at the chance, excitedly explaining how accommodating and welcoming Peaceful Peacock is, and the plentiful options nearby.
After your morning flow, grab a morning coffee and pastries at a nearby eatery. Foxtail Coffee is right across the street for something light and local. Or keep it healthy with Legumanati Vegan Eatery also across the street and also inside Hourglass Social House alongside Foxtail Coffee.
If part of your wellness plan includes letting yourself indulge a little, then the Bottomless Brunch at F&D Italian Kitchen is the right move. While the healthful aspect may go out the window, sometimes giving in to temptation is good for the soul too. And, there are some lighter options that are part of this all-you-care-to-eat brunch.
As you dine together, be intentional about your experience. Pay attention, mindfully, to what you’re eating and drinking. Be present and think about how the food and drink fuel your body. Chat about your wellness goals. Was there anything new you experienced in your yoga class at Peaceful Peacock together?
Now that you’ve fueled your body and your mind, head down the street to Hourglass Lake Park. This peaceful retreat has plenty of natural beauty amid the urban energy of the Hourglass District. It is one of Orlando’s special places because of the lake’s hourglass shape, which gives unique vantage points. Sit under the shade of a cypress tree near the edge of the water as you breathe deep and relax together.
If you’re up for continuing the wellness theme, bring blankets or beach towels so you can sit and meditate. If you need some prompts to help you along my favorite meditation app is Shine Premium. I love that the meditations are short and practical. It’s easy to allocate ten minutes to a meditation that is aligned with our modern life. There are also free episodes of Shine meditations available on Spotify and other podcast apps.
If an evening date focused on wellness is more your speed Peaceful Peacock has a great class on Tuesday nights called Night Owl Yin. This is a class that focuses on deep stretching using props and a slow lingering approach. The class runs from 7:30 – 8:30pm. “I would suggest dinner or snacks and drinks after this class. I’m not really a fan of practicing on a full tummy,” suggests Leah Webb of Peaceful Peacock.  There are plenty of additional classes, seasonal workshops, and special events scheduled throughout the year that can work as a wellness date too, so be sure to browse their website.
Sure, downtown Sanford is known for its plethora of craft breweries and restaurants. But, if you know where to look, you’ll find some great spots that focus on wellness. My favorite place for a wellness retreat in the Orlando area is 5D Serenity Wellness Studio. I love the location and the setting, complete with brick interior walls. And I love the approach. 5D Serenity Wellness Studio is run by Brandy Harrison. In full disclosure, Brandy is a friend of mine. Even still, I wouldn’t recommend 5D Serenity if it wasn’t the real deal.
Brandy is a licensed massage therapist and has focused on care for mothers for years. In addition to providing massage therapy to mothers and couples, Brandy is a Birth Assistant, Doula, and Breastfeeding advocate. How can this motherly focus benefit couples? Brandy’s approach to massage therapy is centered on wellness and wholeness. Sure, you can get a massage just about anywhere, but Brandy and her colleagues are focused on providing a personalized experience centered on each person’s individual needs.
The massage room on the bottom level is calming and truly feels like a retreat thanks to the unique brick walls and comforting decor. And on the second level is a studio for wellness experiences like meditation classes, yoga sessions, and mini-retreats. Keep an eye on 5D Serenity’s Facebook or Instagram page for events, or contact Brandy to work with her on creating your own couple’s retreat experience.
Afterward, head two blocks down Sanford Avenue to Raw Press Juice Co. I am a big believer in cold-pressed juice and you’ll find a variety here at Raw Press. You can enjoy a healthful lunch with plentiful salads and wraps, as well as smoothies and bowls.
If you’re up for exploring kratom or kava then consider visiting The Healthy Buddah. This organic kratom and kava lounge boasts having clean and pure products and a relaxing environment. Part of wellness is exploring different experiences, so if you’re up for something new this may be a great addition.
Much further down the road is the Central Florida Zoo and Botanical Gardens. While this is indeed a zoo, the back half of the park is full of natural beauty including a long boardwalk through wetlands and botanical gardens. Being among nature is healing, and this is an affordable destination. Go for a long stroll through the gardens at the Central Florida Zoo while the weather is cool and mild.
If you’re ready to dive into total wellness and try something new then try yoga and a float session at Total Zen Float. This wellness venue in Casselberry is very meek on the inside. But once you set foot inside Total Zen Float you know you’re inside a place of healing and zen. Browse the yoga class schedule and find a class that works for you both. Then sign up for a float session that fits with the yoga class you’ve selected. 
Build your own wellness retreat experience by combining multiple spa services and an overnight stay at Renaissance Orlando at SeaWorld. The Orlando Wellness Spa offers every type of spa service you can think of, so browse the service menu with your honey and decide on 2-3 services you want to enjoy together. Book a night or two at the Renaissance Orlando at SeaWorld so you can slow down and enjoy the time together. Splash around the resort pool or take your retreat to the next level by booking a day at Discovery Cove, or head down the street to the Orlando Beer Spa.
The Spa at Four Seasons Resort Orlando At Walt Disney World Resort offers some unique services you won’t find anywhere else. Browse the service menu with your honey and decide on 2-3 services you want to enjoy together. Besides the services themselves, you can easily spend the whole day at the spa between the Experience Shower, serene indoor and outdoor relaxation areas, spa tub, steam room, and solarium. If you decide to stay a night or two, your wellness retreat can include locally sourced, fresh ingredients served at all the restaurants, an advanced fitness center, and intravenous vitamin drips and shots.
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