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Mental Health Awareness Month is the time to talk about the impact of menopause on mental wellness and sexual dysfunction. Did you know that stress, hormones, and sexual health are closely intertwined?
For any person going through menopause, when stress and critical hormones shift, they can start experiencing anxiety and depression. These mood disorders and hormone changes can lead to physical issues like less sensitivity to arousal and touching or even lack of orgasm.
For many women, another casualty of the menopause-related problems is the loss of healthy and fulfilling sex life and losing intimacy with a partner — all of which exacerbate an already difficult emotional time in women’s lives. Luckily, Cliovana is changing that with the first gentle, non-invasive, patented treatment to help women enjoy physical intimacy again, dramatically improving sexual health, one of the most significant side effects of menopause.
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“Women’s bodies are going through so many changes during menopause that stress can exacerbate. I hope that women have honest conversations with their doctors about how they feel mentally and emotionally because there is help and support,” says Christi Pramudji, MD, an expert in comprehensive Female Urology and Urogynecology.
“For women dealing with the loss of enjoyment with sex, dryness, and pain, my patients have had amazing results with Cliovana. Taking back their sex life has a profound effect on women’s overall health, wellness, and happiness,” the expert added.
According to the information provided to HOLA! USA, the estrogen and testosterone dip following menopause can lead to changes in a woman’s body and sexual drive. In addition, less estrogen means less blood flow to the vagina, more dryness, and painful intercourse. Also, mood disorders and depression can cause low self-esteem, physical fatigue, lowered libido, and even Anorgasmia, or trouble having an orgasm.
Cliovana can help with these issues by regenerating cells in the genitals, resulting in improved blood flow to the clitoris, which creates a long-term increase in women’s sexual responsiveness and intensity, helping with painful sex lubrication, and increases orgasm frequency.
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