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By Rohit Bansal
Gaming has long been a common pastime for many young and older people. It has reached new heights due to the pandemic, the introduction of smartphones, and their accessibility. Because of its popularity, gaming has gained a favourable reputation. In addition, online gaming promotes a healthy and competitive environment and improves players’ cognitive capacities, as it entirely depends on the user’s skills and knowledge. It is an additional tool therapists can use to address the escalating mental health challenge, even though it is not a replacement for conventional ways of mental health treatment.
Gaming as a pastime has benefited people’s mental health and daily lives for a myriad of factors. While excessive gaming’s adverse repercussions are often discussed, its positive aspects are sometimes disregarded. According to expert research, playing video games has several advantages, including fostering the growth of a gaming community, social contact, and developing complex problem-solving skills. The mind can be stimulated, and video games can improve mental health. It offers a means of unwinding after work, making friends, and getting better at something. However, it’s true what people say-consuming too much of anything is bad for your health. In moderation, mobile gaming has more advantages than disadvantages.
Impact of Online Gaming on Mental Health
There are many myths about how video games affect mental health. The truth is that playing video games can help you learn how to solve complex problems and even encourage social connection through internet gaming. The mind can be stimulated, and video games can improve mental health. There are many advantages to playing video games for your mental health. You can get your mind moving and relieve tension by playing video games. The following are some benefits
Mental stimulation: Most of your brain’s cognitive processes are activated when playing video games to support higher-level thinking. You should immediately strategize, analyse, and think, depending on how complex the game is. Playing video games engages the deeper brain regions that foster critical thinking and intellectual growth.
Feeling accomplished: You must complete objectives and goals in the game. Once you accomplish them, you feel a great sense of happiness, which enhances your general well-being. Playing games that award you medals or badges for achieving certain objectives enhances this sense of achievement. You have something to strive for when you try to gain more.
Build connection and socialization: Multiplayer games, in particular, support social interaction and make people feel less lonely and isolated in a world where these issues are prevalent. Playing with known or even random individuals fosters a sense of companionship, teamwork, and belonging within the gaming community.
Social interaction: Online and multiplayer games promote virtual social contact. You must learn whom to trust and whom to leave behind in the fast-paced environments. Games with several players promote collaboration. Moreover, it’s a risk-free setting where you can experiment with establishing conversations and friendships with strangers.
Online Gaming: A Source of Relieving Stress
Running, working, or drawing are all hobbies that require moderation. While playing video games too much can be detrimental to your physical and mental health, doing so in moderation can help with well-being while still being a fun activity. Additionally, playing games might help us divert our attention from strong emotions like fear or tension. Furthermore, playing video games can help us deal with these emotions and dramatically reduce anxiety while regaining our equilibrium and can aid in fostering emotional toughness. Contrary to popular beliefs, playing video games improves mood and has long-lasting impacts. It is a fantastic option, whether you use it to unwind your day with friends or relieve stress.
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