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Alcovy Fitness & Wellness is more than a gym.  
Over the last nine years, the staff has created a culture characterized by a warm, inviting atmosphere based on inclusivity, passion for fitness, and commitment to wellness. The staff knows that members come through the doors for more than just 20 minutes on a treadmill. Members come to belong in a space where they can safely work to become the best possible version of themselves. 
With the pandemic, everyone has seen the rise in advertisements promoting home gyms and ways to workout individually, and while Alcovy Fitness & Wellness believes that some activity is better than none, these options lack the key ingredient to success in fitness: a supportive community. The Alcovy Fitness & Wellness staff has found that people who work out in a group setting hold themselves more accountable to their goals, experience more success in their endeavors, and create lifelong habits that lead to positive, lasting change. 
The Alcovy Fitness & Wellness staff experiences the greatest sense of community between members in the group and aqua fitness classes. The camaraderie between participants and the world-class instructors creates a strong sense of accountability. Daily, members and trainers are seen encouraging and pushing each other to be their absolute best. These friendships keep class participants coming week after week, and as a result these members report feeling more energetic, happier and stronger. 
Highlights of the gym’s group fitness program include BodyPump, Barre, Zumba and Yoga. Aqua Fitness classes are also offered seven days per week with classes of varying levels including Aqua Zumba.
Success isn’t only found in classes. The gym’s staff sees members getting better results when they work out with others on the gym floor. Members on the floor share their favorite way to use a piece of equipment, attack a muscle group and even share fitness advice with each other. 
These “gym floor” bonds keep members coming back daily. This consistency then leads to muscle gain, weight loss and even increased confidence. These relationships make working out fun and social.
Gym members experience success with personal training. Personal trainers offer more than a workout regimen: nutrition advice, exercises, and modifications based on physical needs. 
Trainers record the progress of their clients –  a  tangible way to track results. These personal touches transform a workout and optimize results. The gym’s personal training clients experience increases in mobility, weight loss, gains in strength and balance, and even happier dispositions. Options for personal training include one-on-one, small group training and, our newest option, partner training — perfect for couples and BFFs.
In summary, the support system found in classes, working out with others, and with a personal trainer can’t be beat. 
Alcovy Fitness & Wellness memberships are available for anyone age 14 and older. As a family and community oriented gym, Alcovy Fitness & Wellness has a diverse population of members of all ages, sizes and abilities. If looking to make a lasting change in your life, the gym staff warmly invites you to come work out with them. 
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