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Clear skies. Low 54F. Winds WNW at 5 to 10 mph..
Clear skies. Low 54F. Winds WNW at 5 to 10 mph.
Updated: May 16, 2022 @ 7:56 pm

For those seeking a wide range of services in the areas of mental health, therapy, and full-body wellness, Healthy Flow Holistic Wellness provides an extensive array of options. Owner Laura Sabados recently spoke with the Star-Tribune about the many offerings and services she provides to her clients to help them achieve greater peace of mind, improved mental and physical vitality, as well as improved moods and decreased stress.
“Holistic practices address the whole person, rather than just looking at one area that is failing,” Sabados explained. “They strive to align the mind, body and spirit so that they work together to create and maintain overall health and wellness. This approach often helps people who are feeling stalled or stuck in their healing journey, or simply desire to improve their lives in a balanced way. Healthy Flow Holistic Wellness strives to help people become more joyful, confident, and empowered by facilitating resiliency, adaptability, flow, and ease in all areas of their lives.” 
Having originally gotten her start in the musical therapy field, Sabados has developed these services over three decades of experience into an all-encompassing health and wellness business that assists clients across a wide spectrum of disciplines.
“At Healthy Flow Holistic Wellness, I serve the community with dynamic health and wellness products and services that work with the mind, body, and spirit,” Sabados explained. “I’ve built these practices over time, but I started out 30-plus years ago. It started in the music therapy field, and I’ve been in health and wellness, working in mental health and wellness service for more than three decades.”
Healthy Flow Holistic Wellness offers five primary services that can work together to provide clients improved physical health, improved sensory perception, improved behavior, higher frequencies that can result in improved joy and life contentment, as well as spiritual services.
“For the physical body, I have a PEMF (Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field) mat that you lay on,” she said. “It stimulates muscles, increases local blood flow. It removes waste products so that the body can recover more quickly and kind of heal with its own resources. It enhances performance, no matter where a person’s starting point is, whether it’s an athlete or a person in a wheelchair. It supports energy, vitality, rest, and relaxation.”
In addition to the PEMF mat, which uses technology to stimulate cells in order to help resolve cellular dysfunction and to support overall improved physical wellness, Sabados employs a special listening program that helps people overcome specific sensitivities that can be distracting and affect one’s ability to concentrate or focus on a specific task, or to get a good night’s sleep.
“To bridge the gap between the body and the mind, I have a therapeutic listening program, and it reduces the impacts of sensory stimuli that create distraction and stress responses within the body – like that flight, fright, or freeze response,” Sabados said. “This program decreases hypersensitivities to things like sounds and touch, and at the same time, it creates focused energy, attention, better sleep and digestion, tolerating changes and improved moods. And it’s helpful for people with anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, ADHD, and other sensory sensitivities.”
Sabados also assists her clients with improving certain learned behaviors, and helping them overcome a wide range of bad habits, everything from smoking to biting their fingernails. This discipline also allows Sabados to help her clients find improved overall contentment with their family and career, as well as assisting those with disabilities to achieve more personal independence. 
“To support the mental health and wellness, I’m an endorsed positive behavior support facilitator,” she explained. “And I offer services and coaching to help people change behavior patterns, or bad habits. These services comport a full range of clients, from professionals who feel stuck somewhere in their life, to people with disabilities, to (those who) engage in dangerous or undesirable behaviors.”
Another service provided at Healthy Flow Holistic Wellness is voice analysis with a Voice Bio system, which helps people attain a greater overall picture of their physical and mental health, and helps clients discover ways to improve their general levels of happiness and life contentment through the frequencies of molecular vibrations in our bodies.
“I have a Voice Bio system that analyzes a person’s voice to see what frequencies need to be balanced for maximum health and wellness, because our bodies are made up of atoms and molecules that vibrate,” Sabados explained. “And these vibrations can be measured as frequencies. Much like your tires need alignment, so do the frequencies in our bodies, minds, and spirits. Low emotional frequencies can result in despair, anger, and hopelessness, and higher frequencies really bring about joy, contentment, and love. And so that Voice Bio system works with all of that.”
Sabados also offers numerous spiritual and musical-based therapies.
“I’m also a Reverend and board-certified music therapist. And so I offer more spiritual services such as meditation, energy readings, sound healing, tuning fork therapy, chakra balancing, aura cleansing, and Reiki,” she said.
Healthy Flow Holistic Wellness currently sees clients by appointment only at Sabados’ home-based facility. She assesses her clients’ needs and aspirations with the range of services she provides, and comes up with a comprehensive strategy to attain the highest and best outcome in terms of mental health, physical health, and spiritual health.
“It is by appointment only. I actually have a separate center here in my home,” she explained.
“What I do is I begin with an assessment. It’s really sitting down and chatting, and filtering through what a person’s goals and needs are. Services are individualized, and products are offered based on that person’s needs, based on their presentation. We can flow between one and another service. And there are people who come here and do concurrent services. They might do two or three services all at once. I do offer packages to help things be more affordable. When people want to buy more services here, I do have packages.”
Over the years, Sabados has built her business primarily through clientele word of mouth. Clients who have had positive experiences have helped bring additional clients to the business.  Although Healthy Flow Holistic Wellness originally accepted Medicaid referrals when the business first began, Sabados indicated that the business is phasing out of the Medicaid provider role.
“That (word of mouth) is how I have built this practice up at this point,” Sabados explained, “Although I will say that I’m moving out of the Medicaid provider area. But I was on the Medicaid provider list. When I started my private practice in 2014, I was on that Medicaid list, so my name got out into the area, and it started that way. So it was clientele word of mouth.”
To learn more about the services provided by Laura Sabados at Healthy Flow Holistic Wellness, call (540) 570-0047, or send an email to
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